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Billing for B2B users - External Identities for Vendor collaboration users in D365FO (MAU)

Hi all, 


We need to know the pricing model applied to Vendor collaboration users in D365FO. This users are created as B2B users -External, Guest users in Azure. As far as MSFT Documentation, the billing of this external users will now be based on the MAU-Monthly Active Users- (this model replaces the previous 1:5 ratio billing model, which allowed up to five guest users for each Azure AD Premium license in the tenant).


As far as documentation, "the pricing tier that applies to this guest users within the MAU billing model is based on the highest pricing tier assigned to the Azure AD tenant. For example, if the highest pricing tier in the tenant is Azure AD Premium P1, the Premium P1 pricing tier also applies to your guest users. If the highest pricing is Azure AD Free, you'll be asked to upgrade to a premium pricing tier when you try to use premium features for guest users."


We read that for Azure AD Premium P1 and P2, the first 50,000 MAU external users have a cost of 0EUR/user active monthly.


Our Azure licencising scenario is "AZURE AD for OFFICE 365" - we understand this would correspond to the Azure AD Free scenario, is that correct? 

In our scenario with the AZURE AD for OFFICE 365 licence, for managing this external users that will access the vendor collaboration module in D365FO:

  • do we have to compulsorily upgrade the Azure AD License to a Premium P1 or P2 scenario (first 50,000 MAU external users for free)?
  • or can this be managed even with the AZURE AD for OFFICE 365 licence? In that case, does anyone know which cost would correspond to this external users maintenance? 

Thank you