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Level 1 Contributor

Azure migration case study update

Hi Team,


We have done one of the Azure migration to my client. How to upload this case study on Microsoft?

We have done only application migration and Cloud subscription is taken by client only.


Please suggest. 


Documenting your success in case studies is a GREAT way to win more customers and will increase awareness inside Microsoft which is always a good thing. Leading with customer success inspires! 

Level 3 Contributor

Hi Sumanthreddy


To deliver the Azure migration use the following best practice.

  • Clean up An Active Directory.
  • Add up multi-factor authentication
  • Network segregation and Migrating to Azure
  • Decommissioning of old and legacy servers
  • Maintenance and patching
  • Communications and project management

This was all carried out without any impact to end-users.

Community Manager

Hi @sumanthreddy ,


If you are a Gold partner, you can activate your customer success story offer through either Solution Workspace or Partner Center.

Thank you,


Level 1 Contributor

We are network partner and panning to take silver competency.. So how should I plan to update my case study on Microsoft partner portal