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Azure Consumption Towards Cloud Platform

I've had calls open with the partner support Teams now for over 6 months and slowly got no where with them. Our issue is that we do work for partners and customers that don't buy their EA or CSP licenses through us, but would like to get the credit as per the influencer model that Microsoft promote. We've setup in the new Partner Centre a partner relationship with customers, and also Azure Partner Admin Link as per the following video https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/resources/videos/get-recognized-for-driving-azure-consumption/ and link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/billing/billing-partner-admin-link-started.

None of this seems to have worked and we still don't get any credit for this towards our competency. I get mixed answers depending on who I ask at Microsoft, but eventually every chanel I've been down comes back and tells me that it can't be done even though the documentation and videos they release tell me otherwise.

Has anyone else been able to get this to successfully work?


This is just one of the issue I'm having since migrating to the new Partner Center with consumption and licenses not being tracked. 


Re: Azure Consumption Towards Cloud Platform

I can confirm that I also tried to get clarity on this internally and I have started an escalation on this some days ago. It might, at least I'm suspecting that the revenue requirements can not yet be met with this, I'm trying to get info on any known timeline/eta if & when this will be available.


Just to confirm that we have seen your post, sorry that I do not have concrete answers as of now.