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AKS Customer Attribution

I'm looking all over the place for fine-grained AKS Partner Attribution. I find some hints, some documentation, some ResourceGroup Templates, but nothing at the node pool, namespace, etc level.


Does Azure properly support tagging resources with the generated GUID for customer attribution using AKS? Resource tagging gets really hairy when you get into PVCs, Node Pools, Pods, Namespace, and other Kubernetes resources.


I'd love to show up in the Azure Partner directory, but the docs are not very convincing on partner attribution overall, even less so with AKS.



1) Is it possible to get fine-grained customer attribution on kubernetes resources (by pods, pv/pvc, namespace)?

2) Does anybody have an examples of RG templates that they've used?

3) Is this the right place to ask?




To my knowledge fine-grained tagging is generally not possible, it is always only one tag in the main template - and you can not deploy only a AKS pod via a template, only the complete AKS cluster.

You are referring to this - aren't you?


This specific group is maybe not the right place to ask, it is more for questiosn were to get support.

For this kind of tagging question I would rather to suggest using 


Also you can try to raise an advisory case with the Technical PreSales & Deployment Services team - or

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