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Webinar - How a Visionary used Microsoft AI to build a multi-million dollar practice in 3 years Friday 8/27/21

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Join us for the next installment of our Voice of the Microsoft Partner Call. Where we will interview a true visionary in our channel. Kevin McMillen started RyanTech over 20 years ago and is believed to be the first partner to use Microsoft Artificial intelligence to solve a significant problem in the automotive industry. RyanTech built a modern data warehouse that included streaming data from IOT sensors placed in fleet vehicles to ingest telemetry to target optimal data points that would reduce overhead and increase ROI of the fleet, WAY before the connected car was a thing. This data alongside the integration to the automotive industry’s legacy linux servers deployed nationwide allowed for real time data and analytics which directly impacted revenues. This initiative helped a major automotive manufacture increase revenue by 30% in only a few months.

His innovative thinking and vision is far ahead of his time. We will discuss how he came up with the idea, why it was important to the manufacturer, and what it took to devise this amazing idea. What’s more, he’ll share how they’ve used the experience to drive additional product ideas, services and proprietary I.P. for their hundreds of thousands of users in the Microsoft Cloud with their newest release of Cloud Protect.

 From idea to inception. You will walk away with new ideas that you can implement in your practice