Register now for October 13th Webinar hosted by Microsoft & IntraStage!

In this informative webinar you will learn how to optimize your remote manufacturing, validate and ensure process quality with "Complete Digital Twin"

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)


Join Microsoft and IntraStage as they showcase customer, TrellisWare Technologies, to discuss how they and other complex electronics manufacturers use IntraStage to transform their remote manufacturing with BlackBelt Fusion.


BlackBelt Fusion is a manufacturing intelligence platform that can:

Deliver predictive and prescriptive, real-time insights into product and process performance. 

  • Blend test, manufacturing, and process data from multiple sources without disrupting existing processes.
  • Drill down into parametric level performance to root cause and resolve issues causing yield problems.
  • Deploy on Azure, Azure Government, and on-prem with unmatched security, reliability, and integrability with enterprise systems.
  • Accelerate BI visibility to SMEs with analysis services and embedded PowerBI without needing complex queries.
  • Give engineers the ability to collaborate, track and resolve factors affecting manufacturing velocity and product quality.
  • Monitor manufacturing KPIs via dashboards, subscriptions, and alerts.

Featured Speakers:


Rick Blanchard, VP Sales, IntraStageRick Blanchard, VP Sales, IntraStageNorman Charmichael, VP of Operations, TrellisWareNorman Charmichael, VP of Operations, TrellisWareDiego Tamburini, Sr Industry Principal PM, MicrosoftDiego Tamburini, Sr Industry Principal PM, Microsoft