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Join us! Leveraging Free Azure Sponsorship to Grow Your Business on Azure

Microsoft has made significant investments in our partners and customers to help them meet today’s complex business challenges and drive business growth. Through Microsoft Azure Sponsorship, partners and customers can get access to free Azure based on their deployment and technical needs. Azure Sponsorship is available to new and existing Azure customers looking to try new partner solutions, and to partners working to build their solutions on Azure.

Attend this session to learn:
1. How partners can access this free Azure Sponsorship offer
2. How Azure Sponsorship benefits customers who are interested in exploring Azure capabilities
3. How partners can use free Azure to accelerate success through Azure Marketplace and AppSource

Tuesday, February 12, 10:00am Pacific

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Hello Azure team I want join sponsor team 

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Sponsorship benefit can be upto $12K/year but I am not sure what is the criteria for 'who gets what amount as sponsorship credits'. 

You can only access Microsoft Azure Sponsorships | Welcome to check usage and credit balance for sponsorship subscriptions. 

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Hi,  I need Azure Sponsorship to grow my business in Azure.

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i need used Free Azure Sponsorship to Grow Your Business on Azure

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Glad you're interested! Can you please provide more information on what you need and your use case?

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Hello Cathy -


Is this still an opportunity? I'd like to eventually teach on CI/CD integration with AML and Azure DevOps. A Microsoft Azure Sponsorship account would provide me with the Azure space/infrastructure to spread the news about AML. It's an evolving technology and you won't find a lot of tutorials on a MLOps with AML on a popular site like Udemy. Thanks!

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Is there a potential to increase the standard $3500 nonprofit sponsorship? Is there a grant portal where I could request additional credits for my organization?