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Get hands-on with the IoT Virtual Bootcamp

~This blog was written for MPN; please comment below on how you're using IoT technologies to grow your business~Tom O'Reilly

The Internet of Things (IoT) is clearly here to stay, and it's driving business forward in every industry. Organizations across the globe use IoT to inform decisions, streamline operations, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams.

But if you're still unclear on what potential IoT holds for your own company or industry, it can be daunting to try to connect the dots yourself. Rethinking the relationships between your devices, your processes, your IoT platform, your customers, and the right partners is a challenge. Many organizations don't even know how to get started.  

Growing through partnership

Once you understand how to enable IoT for your business, the next step is to find and work with the right partners. Part of the challenge is determining exactly what you want to accomplish with IoT, and choosing the right partners is critical to helping achieve your goals. Partners provide the expertise to get your organization past obstacles such as platform integration, identifying which devices and machines to connect, and helping you understand what happens to your data. An IoT partnership can raise your business to the next level.

IoT Virtual Bootcamp: November 14-16

To help you expand your IoT IQ, Microsoft has put together a comprehensive, three-day IoT Virtual Bootcamp. Partners who attend will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to expert views and training from the best of the best in the IoT industry
  • Step-by-step, real-time guidance to create IoT solutions from scratch during hands-on labs
  • The confidence to create an end-to-end IoT solution on your own
  • A certificate of accomplishment from Microsoft's bootcamp partner,, following the completion of all quizzes
  • Access to the community of Microsoft IoT partners that are defining IoT solutions across the globe

The bootcamp starts with learning how to build a basic device, and expanding from there. Participants can even learn how to create a commercial solution. Here's a brief overview of the bootcamp syllabus:

Day one

You'll receive a primer on the five elements of IoT, including things, connectivity, data, analytics, and action. Through labs and workshops, you'll learn how to build a basic device, an IoT hub, and a simple web app.

Day two

You'll be introduced to more complex IoT devices. We'll explore concepts around the Microsoft cloud and take a deep dive into IoT Hub, stream jobs, and big data. We'll help you understand which things need no-OS, RTOS, or enterprise-grade OS, how you can generate real-time insights, and how IoT can pave the way for new opportunities.

Day three

The last day of the bootcamp will focus on how the cloud makes things smarter through machine learning, cognitive services, and bot frameworks. We'll also discuss how the computer is moving to the edge through services such as Azure IoT edge and Cortana capabilities, and we'll provide an overview of the Azure IoT suite and use-case services that can help you get off the ground quickly and confidently.

Who should attend?

This virtual bootcamp is perfect for anyone with basic cloud and device knowledge looking to create IoT solutions. Target roles include CIOs, technical decision makers, architects, developers and entrepreneurs. For this bootcamp, we recommend you possess some general device-related skills, knowledge of MCUs and MPUs, and a basic understanding of an operating system.

Register today!

Take the first step in transforming your business with IoT by registering for the free IoT Virtual Bootcamp on November 14-16, 2017. See you there!

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