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Ep35 - Cloud Promises to Drive Significant Transformation in Public Safety

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One area where transformation has the potential for high impact that improves lives is Public Safety. A few short years ago, data security and data sharing was a huge impediment to the use of the cloud in this market. That's when one of the tech giants invested in CJIS - Criminal Justice and Information Systems certifications to allay governmental agency concerns. Today with these certifications as an enabler, the cloud promises to drive significant transformation in public safety and opens up opportunities for partners.

For my 35th episode of the Ultimate Guide to Partnering, I welcome Rick Zak the Justice and Public Safety Solutions Director at Microsoft. In his role, Rick provides guidance on strategy, technology, and policy for law enforcement, situational awareness, collaboration and video, emergency management and corrections systems. On this podcast we discuss how transformative technologies are impacting this sector and how the cloud promises to drive significant transformation in public safety and law enforcement markets.

Our conversation explores how government has the unique opportunity to improve lives and protect citizens through technology as part of their "smart cities" initiatives. Microsoft has it's own smart city program known as City Next. It's a really great conversation for partners looking to learn more about this market, how the perception of Cloud has changed, and how Microsoft Gov Cloud drives transformation in this market.

In this episode we explore:

  1. How Microsoft serves the law enforcement and public safety community.
  2. How this evolved from core infrastructure to supporting the transformative capabilities of the cloud.
  3. How Rick ended up focused on this specific vertical.
  4. Three areas where the cloud opens up transformation.
  5. How the perception of "cloud" has changed in the Law Enforcement market.
  6. Solutions he is seeing in this market from ISV's - Independent Solution Vendors.
  7. The opportunity for partners to take their core competencies from other sectors and markets into public sector.
  8. How IoT - Internet of Things - devices and sensors are changing the conversation.
  9. Characteristics of a great partner, advice for partners that struggle and the work he does to help partners along their transformational journey to the cloud.
  10. Books he's gifted - Lincoln by Gore Vidal and Connections by James Burke.
  11. How you can reach Rick to engage

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I hope you enjoy this episode!

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