Highlights of Aug/Sep 2021 Events & Trainings

We’ve got a full schedule of technical workshops, sales trainings and free certification programs for the month ahead. Check them out, sign up, and we’ll see you there.


Azure Migrate + Data & AI + App Innovation


👉If you are a Data & AI Co-Sell Prio Partner, then you are invited to join us for the Azure Synapse Analytics Technical Bootcamp digital event. This bootcamp is a highly selective hands-on training experience, delivered digitally over 4 days to the best in cloud technology professionals. Multiple types of sessions overseen by recognized subject matter experts, this is an immersive event you won’t want to miss. You can find more details and sign up here.


👉The new Microsoft Cloud Sales Academy is open for registration to all sales roles. The Cloud Sales Academy is a deep dive training on how to sell Azure with a specific focus on 3 different sales plays: Azure Virtual Desktop, Cloud Native Apps and Azure Synapse Analytics. You will find 6 trainings across these Sales Play, each one focusing on this years Key Points and they will be running at the beginning of september. Register here.


👉Working toward Azure Advanced Specializations? Check out Preparing for Azure Advanced Specializations series of videos in order to learn key best practices to help accelerate your organization’s preparation for an advanced specialization and increase your likelihood of success.


👉Azure Purview is a unified data governance service that helps you manage and govern your on-premises, multicloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data. Easily create a holistic, up-to-date map of your data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification and end-to-end data lineage. You can  learn about all these features and capabilities of Azure Purview and understand how these work together to provide a unified solution for data governance with Implementing Unified Data Governance with Azure Purview course. 


👉Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days- Fundamentals:

After completing this free training, you’ll be eligible to take the fundamentals certification exams  at no cost.  

AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 

26-27 August

6-7 September

14-15 September

28-29 September


DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals 

30-31 August


AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals 

21 September


👉Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days-Others:

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Implementing Hybrid Infrastructure, 23-24 August

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Implementing Hybrid Infrastructure, 22-23 September

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Deliver Integrated Analytics with Azure Synapse, 25-26 August

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Migrating On-Premises Infrastructure and Data, 2-3 September

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Linux OSS Database Migration (advanced), 24 September


Modern Work & Security

👉 The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Bootcamp will take place on 20th & 21st August 2021. The event will focus on addressing collaboration  and best practices using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Lists, Groups,  Microsoft 365 Security & Governance.


👉 Privacy Training for Partners to  help you as partners, understand Microsoft’s approach to privacy with Microsoft 365.


👉  Join us at Windows 365 & Partner GTM event to learn more about the value prop for Windows 365, the partner opportunity it presents, and the opportunity for our customers 


👉Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: 

Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Building Microsoft Teams Integrations and Workflows, 23-24 August

Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day: Enable Remote Work with Microsoft Teams, 26-27 August 

Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day: Protect Sensitive Information and Manage Data Risk, 30-31 August


Business Applications

👉 Learn how to choose the best power platform tool for your process automation with Building Optimized Apps with Power Platform course 


👉The Lifecycle of Per-tenant extensions for Business Central online will show in-depth the different scenarios that you must take into consideration regarding the lifecycle of the per-tenant extensions and the main best practices about development, code upgrade, testing and releasing.


👉Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals,  30 August

👉Microsoft Power Platform Virtual Training Day: App Maker , 23 August 

👉Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Training Day: Activate Digital Selling, 25 August



Cross- Solution Areas

👉Microsoft Industry Partner Academy is here. The Industry Partner Academy focuses on the 6 different industries: Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy and Government. These sessions will be delivered by industry leads in WE where they will explore the opportunity we see in the industry in FY22 and beyond. You can register to each session here.


👉PROSCI ® Change Management Certification Program Are you interested in Change Management plans designed to effectively manage change and enhance project results? This 3-day experiential and immersive learning program that teaches you how to apply their methodology, tools and the Prosci ADKAR Model to your existing projects and change initiatives so you achieve your desired results is for you.





Andere websites voor ontwikkeling van skills en certificering:

Handige bronnen om Microsoft Azure-certificeringsexamens voor te bereiden en te halen

Handige bronnen om Microsoft Modern Work & Security-certificeringsexamens voor te bereiden en te halen

Handige bronnen om Microsoft Business Apps-certificeringsexamens voor te bereiden en te halen


Partner Training Calendar

Ontdek het Microsoft Partner Skilling Experience-programma. Dit is een fantastische kans om je bij te scholen, je te ontwikkelen en te leren door middel van een reeks activiteiten. Bereid u voor op succes met uw Microsoft-certificering   


Cloud Champion Portal

Verder wijzen wij voor trainingen ook graag op de Cloud Champion portal, met veel trainingen en resources gericht op Microsoft partners in het midden- en kleinbedrijf. Zowel technische trainingen als trainingen gericht op sales, marketing en business, met daarbij ook handige leerpaden.  Cloud Champion biedt zowel on demand recordings als ook live online events, zie hiervoor de kalender. 



Publieke portal met micro-learning op level 100 niveau. 


Renewen van certificaten:

Keep your certifications active with Certification Renewal