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Pandemic Panel Series – Part 2 How to Lead Yourself Through Crisis

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Hi Partner Community,


As we deal with unprecedented disruption and uncertainty consider that this is also an incredible opportunity to grow in our ability to lead yourself. Join Andrea Conner and Susan Mazza as they explore some of the challenges and the opportunities presented by the crisis and how they can facilitate your growth as a leader. We will discuss...

• The Antidote to Fear and Worry: In the midst of crisis are emotions are naturally heightened, especially fear and worry. We will discuss how you can both honor your emotions while finding ways to be centered and focused on the future.

• How to Work Where You Live AND Live Where You Work: There has been an abundance of advice shared about how to work effectively at home. Yet it is just as important to attend to how to live where you are working. We will discuss strategies for setting boundaries that empower both your work effectiveness and your quality of life and relationships.

• The Opportunity of Crisis: How you can leverage the disruption and chart a course through the uncertainty that can lead to both growth and greater satisfaction in your work.


Our Esteemed Speakers:



Andrea Conner, President ATHENA International     Susan Mazza, CEO Clarus Consulting Group 
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