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How to manage the unknown by creating new healthy habits


WIT Wellness is a program that supports our well being as individuals, parents, leaders and humans. 

We discuss different topics than our normal webinars.  We are living in times that are changing hourly.  Our entire worlds, days and how we existed have changed in a matter of days. Many are working from home for the first time, isolated from our normal routines, our kids are home with out guidance or direction.

  • How is it even possible to keep up?
  • What can YOU do to create new habits - the good, the bad and the ugly of media?
  • Do we even know how long this will last?
  • Habits to make such a difficult situation easier?
  • How do you start your day ?


Speaker Bio:

Picture1.jpgJoin Carolyn Rusin, Transformational Life Coach and Educator, where she will discuss how we learn to manage the unknown, create new habits and opportunities that will guide us through these challenging and chaotic times. 

We will be launching a follow-on Transformation Workshop during this webinar.





How to Participate:

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