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Microsoft Envision: Hybrid and Blended Learning



Dear Partner Community,


Remote learning was a necessary response to an immediate crisis, but the future of education goes beyond video conferencing platforms and temporary solutions. Hybrid learning is an inclusive blend of off-campus and in-person learning, built on thoughtfully planned infrastructure—and it’s here to stay.


We’ve recently commissioned a study that found that 70% of faculty and educators are concerned about their ability to deliver engaging, high-value learning experiences in the context of online learning, and 60% witnessed a drop in student engagement during the pandemic. But on a more optimistic note, 85% of faculty believe that the pandemic accelerated the future of digital learning by a decade.


This rapid technological advancement, coupled with students’ expectation that digital technology will play a permanent role in the classroom, marks an enormous opportunity for institutions like yours to reimagine the teaching and learning experience in education. It’s time to shift and enable a flexible, personalized, inclusive, and engaging experience for every student—both on campus and off—and empower faculty with the tools and technology needed to create class community and gain insights into student needs.


This webinar introduces Microsoft’s point of view on hybrid and blended learning and the Microsoft solutions that uniquely support institutions taking a student-centered learning approach. We will review the evolution of hybrid and blended learning through the pandemic and beyond; outline the high-level benefits for students, instructors, and institutions and explore the technology needed and share additional resources for onboarding and training.


In just 60 minutes you will learn more about:

  • Current state of hybrid and blended learning
  • Microsoft holistic solution
  • Teams: a simple unified platform
  • Integrated partner solutions for K12 and HED

Register here: Microsoft Event (mktoevents.com)


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