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Customer Stories - University of Bath turbocharges academic research with Azure HPC + AI

Dear partner community, 


At University of Bath, academic researchers work hard on difficult issues, from pharmaceutical development to astrophysics. While one team builds digital simulations of chemical reactions that will help reduce the time and cost of drug trials, another conducts blue-sky research to determine strategies for processing the literally cosmic volume of data that will come from future telescopes. Meanwhile, other teams may be working on climate change or public health. 


"With Azure HPC + AI, we’re no longer constrained to whatever we can fit into a machine room. If we have the vision, research to support, and funding for it, the sky’s the limit."

Professor Nick Brook: Dean of the Faculty of Science

University of Bath


It’s all big stuff. That’s why the University of Bath prioritizes big thinking and solid strategies in everything it does. Whether it’s investing in focused growth around science and technology or bringing the latest program and service innovations to its research and teaching community, University of Bath wants to use technology to connect all areas of the university in a seamless, powerful, and safe environment where researchers and students have the capacity to do their best work. 


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