Co-op for On-site Champs: Azure Skilled Talent to boost your business and get onboard with Diversity & Inclusion

Co-op provides reimbursements of earned funds to participating partners to help differentiate and build channel awareness and preference for Microsoft products. For example: Microsoft calculates eligible incentive earnings using a split percentage (such as 60% rebate - 40% co-op). Its purpose is to not only reward the partner, but also to strategically reinvest back into the partner’s business with Microsoft to accelerate future results and meet key objectives. As a Diversity & Inclusion enthusiast I have some recommendations for strategic partners in the Netherlands to consider on using co-op to bring your business to a higher level!


My suggestions on how to utilize co-op funds:


On-site Champs - Most partner with co-op funds available which is big enough to onboard one or more talents leading sales and marketing projects and engagements.



 From my experience of working with partners I learned that Azure sales is usually done by the technical team and not by sales. To boost and develop your Azure business consider on boarding tech talent! Microsoft Netherlands is currently collaborating with both the ITPH Academy and Techionista, who educate diverse talent to become Azure specialists. These programs are intensive with focus on both the hard and soft skills to develop into strong IT professionals.


Contact the ITPH Academy and Techionista to learn more about their fresh graduates and discuss the profiles you are looking for to elevate your Azure business with talent and fresh perspectives! Here you can get a preview of the current Techionista talents who are preparing now for their next big step in technology!


REMINDER: Co-op activities need to be completed by December 31 and claims submitted by Feb 15.

You can learn more on the Co-op Funds Resources page.

Partner Development Manager - Microsoft Netherlands

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