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Sensory Marketing, the perfect cocktail for your innovative phygital experience

We are experiencing the most technological moment in history. We live and breathe technology. We wake up and our first instinct is to pick up our cell phone to make sure we don't miss anything that is happening around us.


With remote work, the number of video calls has increased dramatically. The physical events were canceled and the solution was to make them digital. Just being digital is not enough, it is necessary that the experience is real and this is where phygital (physical = digital) comes in. 




How can we make the phygital user experience a reality? 

For the experience to be closer to reality, it is necessary to gather the right conditions. 

  • Mediation: works to ensure that things happen at an exact moment in time 
  • Immersion: the user is part of the experience. 
  • Interaction: generation of communication necessary to activate the most physical and emotional part of the purchase process. 

The offer of webinars, digital events and even online conferences has grown exponentially. It is necessary to make a difference and more importantly make the experience memorable. 


How can we make the phygital user experience memorable? 

  • Make the virtual event a personal experience. 
  • Deliver value. 
  • Be exclusive. 
  • Valuing the human factor. 

How can Sensory Marketing improve the digital experience? 

One factor that must be explored, the senses. Sensory Marketing aims to stimulate the different senses in order to win the attention of customers. 

Many companies have adopted it as part of their strategy. Delivering a memorable experience to customers should be a priority. Certainly, there are smells that you associate with certain brands, music that you associate with certain stores and even flavors. Since our life is more digital than ever, this can be one of the ways to establish a greater connection with customers, partners and employees. 



Sometimes, it is normal for us to feel that the meetings are always the same, so something different is missing. I leave here some suggestions, in order to take advantage of this sense: 

  • Why not celebrate an achievement with your team through a virtual session, offering a cocktail kit to each employee? 
  • Create a specific flavor associated with the brand, use key flavors so that your target associates the brand each time he is in contact with that flavor. 


Touch may seem to be more difficult to explore when it comes to a phygital experience. Making the experience palpable can make the experience memorable. 

  • Have you considered using virtual reality to make product demonstrations? The technology that feeds the virtual reality experience is increasingly accessible. If, a few years ago, watching a movie through a mobile phone seemed unattainable, in a few years' time virtual reality will be a constant in our daily lives. As such, it is essential to analyze the advantages of this technology. 
  • Why not offer a bag to sit and relax while watching a webinar? 
  • Make the event so exclusive that only through a pen it is possible to unlock sessions. 


Smell is one of the most powerful senses in which it aims to build the sensory personality. The smells are reminiscent of well-crafted memories that create an instant association between the customer and the brand.  

  • Have you ever imagined, if in the near future, during a meeting you had the opportunity to disperse an aroma through your customers' electronic devices? Dreaming does not cost and would undoubtedly be a broader experience. 


Our mood can increase up to 65%, if we are exposed to a sound that brings us good feelings. 

  • If your company has an associated sound or music you can use it while people are waiting for you on a video call or at the beginning of a Webinar 


Vision is a powerful sense for brand recognition. The visual stimulus is not limited to colors, logos or design. 

  • Use the merchandising you have and offer it to your target. That simple pen that you can use when taking notes, the mug at coffee time or that t-shirt that is used to go to the gym can make a difference and strengthen connections. 

Studies point out that the generation that best fits digital experiences are the Millennials and Generation Z. The inclusion of everyone in digital has to be a priority. As such, it is necessary to know the target audience, take into account their needs and which strategy fits best. 


Phygital is here to stay and it is up to everyone to think outside the box, look to the future and make digital experiences memorable. 


An article by Alexandra Morais