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Let’s get Phygital

Channel marketing was mainly based on lead generation and on physical events. Workshops, breakfast seminars, round-tables... the secret formula of the business. It has the power to attract the right audience to the right topics in the constant search for valuable information.


When Covid-19 hit the world, we suddenly were forced to work from home. All the workshops and event, gone. All the networking and lead generation went away too.


Let’s go Digital


Luckily, we’ve been able to transform the well-known workshop model into a full digital story by using webinars. As a surprise to many, this “forced” business model transition has been also a success. The momentum, the use of collaboration tools and the ability to reach a bigger audience in no time has literally transformed the business. Knowledge sharing has never been so effective.


Although webinars proved to be super successful, the human interaction and direct dialogue over digital channels wasn’t. People tend not to go into a dialogue very often and it’s also difficult to show some tools beyond the traditional webinar demos. What about connected devices, IOT, machine setups, innovative sensors? What about these kinds of experience? ... There could be a solution for that.


Think Phygital



The retail already showed us that it can be done. Morphing our physical experience with digital enhancements. Think in-store touch displays, intelligent mirrors and cashless payment systems. Why not use this knowledge and think Phygital. Combining the best of both worlds could transform our business forever.


Even after Covid-19, we probably will never return fully to our old habits and our audience will also expect the convenience of digitally connecting when needed into a physical event.


Think about a workshop with a small group of people that prefer human interaction and dialogue, while the rest of the audience is tuning in over teams.


Imagine: showcase and demo machine setups on location, in front of a bigger audience in the digital world. Auction houses are using this method for years now, so why shouldn’t we. Even YouTube if famous for the so called “unboxing” videos.


Don’t wait and prepare for your Phygital experience


It doesn’t need to be and expensive setup. Take an action cam, some quality webcams and test your future setup. Your office, your meeting room, your experience center will become your future movie set.


Get used to it. Test it. Engage with a small audience first and think about recording it. You know what they say “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get!”