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How to use Neuromarketing in Digital?

Good marketing begins with an understanding of how people think about products and services!

Has it ever happened to you to run unsuccessful campaigns and out of nowhere you have one that goes viral? I bet you tried to recreate the same recipe! Entertainment creates experiences in people's minds that can influence their attitudes.

Did you know that only 1% of messages generate an emotional and remembering effect? The human brain receives more than 1000 messages a day and processes more than 70,000 thoughts a day.

Making your brand stand out among thousands of thoughts is not an easy task and this is where Neuromarketing comes in.






Neuromarketing is based on three essential points:

  • Neuroscience: brain research and how it works
  • Neuroeconomics: research of economic decisions of all types
  • Consumer neuroscience: research on consumer behavior using neuroscience methods.

How to use Neuromarketing in digital?

We live in the consumer 4.0 era in which the quality of services, care and experience are extremely important.

This client is very strict, has access to a huge amount of information, is a recipient and producer of content for everything he consumes and is guided by his values.

As such, personalizing services has more impact than ever.


Inbound Marketing

It consists of attraction marketing that makes it possible to connect with the target audience through Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Strategies.

There are 4 essential pillars:

Attract - The first step is to awaken the public's attention. Think outside the box and mess with the customer's feelings.

Relate - After capturing the target's attention, choose to cultivate interest through captivating content.

Convert -You make a mistake if you think converting is just making a sale, it's more than that. It refers to the initiative taken by the potential customer that allows maintaining a relationship.

For example: newsletter registration

Sell - In this last phase we have the bottom of the sales funnel that represents the moment when the potential customer is ready to buy.



We all grew up listening and telling stories. For some reason we have this genetic predisposition to tell stories, so it is easier to memorize stories than facts.

Product-focused advertising has less and less impact. It is essential to activate the emotional side of the consumer. What is intended is that the consumer absorbs the content without thinking that it is being directed to a purchase decision. To do so, it is necessary to create a narrative, make dreams and awaken feelings. If the consumer creates an emotional bond with the campaign, it will contribute to the brand image and make the final message better understood.

- Tell the stories that the public wants to hear.

-  Use trend topics.

- Educate and sensitize your customers.

In order to your digital campaigns to be more attractive, it is necessary to know each step of the client in order to anticipate, personalize and educate.



Reciprocity concerns the act of returning a good deed with another good deed, in order to repay and reward people who do good deeds.

This principle is based on the assumption that human beings respond to the way they are treated and tend to treat others “in the same currency”.

Have you noticed that there are several streaming platforms that offer a free trial to get something in return? Service subscription.

Giving customer access to all services encourages consumers to subscribe after the trial period. This is called reciprocity. Providing a free e-book can also be a good strategy.



To provide your target with a better experience, choose to use the senses. In digital, sight and hear are easier to influence.

- Value colors: Colors have a lot of influence on people's perception and desire. As such the choice of colors must be made wisely.

Choose to use colors for a purpose:

1) What do you want to awaken in your target?

2) What message do you want to transmit?





- Value sounds: Sounds are a stimulus for memory. Who has never associated a song with an advertisement or a lived moment? Take advantage of it! Add music to your website, create a jingle for your brand or use it while waiting for you in a video call.


Knowing human behavior is essential. Make your target's digital experience memorable, innovate, adapt and stay in memory.