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How to successfully blog in 10 steps!




Does your company have a blog? Or does your sub have a specific one? 

In this article you will find out why it is important that your company (or the sub you belong to) has one. 


Starting from the assumption that Content is King, one of the most popular methods of creating content today is that of the blog. Yes, maybe you can consider it a bit old tool, a bit too ''early 2000s'', but believe me, it still make the difference. 


After all, creating a blog is the first step to take if you want to start creating digital content for your company. 


Well, after you will have created it, you will probably wonder: “what am I going to write now?”. 

It is a tricky question, as easy as it is difficult. In a blog you can write everything and nothing. 

Everything because you can share any kind of thought, idea or story; nothing because if these have no value, it is as if you hadn't written anything. 


So, let’s define some guidelines to set up a blog in the best way, in order to achieve maximum results. 


  1. Define your purpose 

From the very beginning you have to decide what you want to talk about. As mentioned at the beginning, the content of your articles, or your blog in general, will allow you to create engagement. In case you want to talk about more topics you are free to do so, but be careful not to create confusion. 

If you take a look at our Partner Community for example, you will notice that we have created more forums, with different topics, such as Digital Marketing Tactics for PartnersISV inspiration and the last and newest one Partner Events and Seminars! 

  1. Define your audience 

Once you have defined what you want to talk about in your blog, it will be important to target your audience well. Who is your company's target audience? Are they undergraduates, career young people or senior managers? It seems not, but understanding this point thoroughly is of fundamental importance. 

  1. Define the way you write 

Once you have defined your target audience, you will need to understand how to communicate with them! We advise you to be as spontaneous as possible! Write almost the way you speak! By doing this you will be able to be as close as possible to your audience! And they will clearly feel you closer as well! Remember that, often, if you manage to be truly spontaneous your articles will also be consecutively more catchy, this is because you will be writing directly from the heart. 

  1. Pay attention to the size 

Size matters! Oh yeah! Be careful! The content of a blog article nowadays doesn't have to be too long. Remember: people don't have time! People want to have exclusive content that can be consumed quickly. So always use a few but effective words! 

  1. Categorize everything 

An easy way to keep things organized is to add tags in order to categorize everything. In addition to making it easier for the user to search for content, tags will also allow your blog to emerge more easily in the various search results of different browsers. 

  1. Consider comment moderation 

In the event that some users leave a comment or more under an article on your blog, try to create engagement and reply to them! Try to create a conversation with him relating to the topic covered in the article! This way you can literally get in touch with him and get to know him even more! 

  1.  Frequency and consistency 

Once you start writing your blog, you have to be frequent! You have to publish articles with a precise cadenceIt’s like that you have to create a weekly, for example, appointment with your audience. If you think that you are not able to do it, please, don’t start it! You risk to make things wrong! 

  1.  Chose the way you blog 

As you know very well there are several ways to fill a blog. You can simply write articles, as we have described a little while ago, you can only use videos, and then create a Vlog, you can post photos on different social networks, and so on ... you can also mix all these methods, for example by inserting videos in articles ! - new articles coming soon on these topics! 

  1. Remember to promote it! 

Once you have written and published your article on the blog, it's time to promote it! What are the channels most used by your audience: email, social networks, or what? Once you have decided on the channel on which to promote them, add a catchy phrase that anticipates the content of the article a little and then you are ready to go! 


…Ah, the last point: 

  1. Don't think too much!