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How to rock your next webinar or digital event?

Online events have grown dramatically as a result of the current times in which we live. Business cannot stop and as such we must be creative. We have been faced with a huge offer of webinars, workshops, online events, etc. Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that everything is the same? It is, in most cases the concept is always the same.  


The offer is huge, and it is important to make the differences and stand out. Many people still have the idea that presenting a webinar is just talking and showing a PowerPoint, but it is much more than that. Here are some suggestions to inspire you and expand your horizons in your next webinars, by our Partner Marketing Assistant Alexandra Morais. 


1- Virtual 3D Studio Webinar


Virtual studios are an option that has been growing. What does it consist of? In traditional productions, scenarios, accessories, and labor are required. In virtual studios, only a green background is needed. With this, it is possible to customize the webinar. You can create your own talk show, choose the scenario, add videos, make video calls ... The possibilities are endless.  

How can you use it in your business? This format is an excellent way to evangelize your products and services. You have the possibility to do workshops, interviews and contact clients and partners in real time. This format also offers the possibility of using sponsorship, which makes the event more profitable. 




2- Use video games 


The use of video games starts to be notorious in events. Streaming platforms have attained enormous popularity among the younger audience. With these platforms it is possible to play online, make video calls, use chat rooms, and even allow the hosts to make money. Travis Scott took this opportunity and held a concert in Fortnite, with about 12 million people watching. With this, he opened a door to virtual concerts, which will certainly be a trend in the very near future. 


How can you use it in your business? These streaming platforms are an excellent way to reach specific target audiences. If your target audience consists of gamers or a young audience, using tools that are familiar to them may be the solution. Why not use sponsored content? The possibility of chatting in real time is also the possibility to create break-out sessions. 




3- Virtualization of events 


Gamification is not just about making work a game, is about using psychology to motivate employees and customers and thus reach the target audience effectively. One of the objectives of the webinars is to create experiences and make them memorable. We watch more and more quizzes, contests… What if we move it to another level? 


Virtualization of events. Do you know the games where an avatar is created, giving us possibility to meet new people? We can apply this to our events and recreate the fully virtual experience. This involves the total virtualization of the environment, different rooms with different themes, giving the visitor autonomy to circulate through the event and choose what interests him most.


Sponsors can also leave their mark by sponsoring rooms and content. And most importantly: These virtual events give you the possibility to establish connections with other people, with the option of creating private, one-on-one rooms and increasing your network. 


How can you use it in your business? This format is an excellent way to connect people through virtual event rooms, giving participants the possibility to schedule a meeting, pre-event match-making and easily connect with people (one-on-one chat). The creation of a Virtual Expo Hall with sponsored content, sponsored rooms, results in a more authentic experience for the participants, also increasing the revenue.