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How to apply ATAWAD to your webinars

We all went digital and the on-site events became history. We entered the time of webinars and online workshops. These are easy to do, accessible to a broader audience, and have fewer operational costs.


BUT we all have experienced their counter effects. We have multiplied the offering, and we are now facing the struggle to gather attendees and stand out from the crowd in the multitude of free available workshops to follow. Another side effect: People tend to subscribe and not show up. Why? these workshops are free, always coming back, and you have a limitless choice. We find ourselves with the frustration of presenting to an audience of 2 people (one of them being a colleague). Can you recognize yourself here?




Have you ever heard about ATAWAD? People like to consume content when and where they want. You could start thinking about applying the concept of “anytime, anywhere, any device” and free yourself from all the stress. Does it really add value bringing that webinar live? Does your audience really ask that many questions you need to go instant? If the answer is no, then switch the concept to on-demand sessions and save yourself the stress of running behind the facts.


When using webinars in an on-demand pre-recorded way, you will be able to bring high-quality content and be always available for your audience. Do what you do best, focus on driving demand, and lead follow-up. If your answer to the previous question is yes: maybe even introduce some open office hours for questions, but just let your great recorded webinar run behind a gated on-demand landing page. Why not even build a series of them and make a learning track out of it?


Make sense? I would love to get your feedback on this.