Welcome to the Co-Sell Ready partner community

Hello everyone welcome to the Co-Sell Ready partner community.  The Co-Sell program is only about 18 months old and is on its own digital transformation journey.  We are constantly working to streamline our tools and processes to make it easier for you, our partners to work with us, while making sure we have seller confidence and trust in our Co-Sell ready solutions.  With that being said we wanted to create a community where you our valuable Co-Sell ready partners can ask questions related to the program, share best practices and success stories with each other AND where we as a programs team can share key updates and information with you in real time.

Thank you for your continued partnership with us we value your support and collaboration.

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¡Saludos a todos!
Nuestra empresa está ubicada en República Dominicana y quisiera formar parte del programa, me gustaría tener toda la información de como podemos ser Co-Vendedores

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We are newly registered in the MPN program. Our company is registered in Nepal and wants to resell Microsoft products. Eg: Cloud products and others that Microsoft has.


Please guide us step by step on what needs to do next after MPN.

Hope quick and crisp information put light on us to grow together to this Microsoft partner journey.


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How can my company become a co-sell partner?