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App Source Lead

cderikstratifyd  in  Cloud+AI

Hi All, MSFT appreciate the outbound lead (see attached/below). Not able to find this lead in PSC. Help. Thanks in advance. @Raj Chris  

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Competencies at Risk

mohammed_basha  in  Cloud+AI

Dear All, Our competencies Gold Data Analytics and Gold ISV are at risk. This happened because of recent changes in migration to Partner Center. I have been in touch with MS executive for more than two months (from October)... Read more

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How do you Price a Chatbot ?

ApsiaOlivier  in  Cloud+AI

Hi, we are building cool Chatbots integrated to Dynamics 365 + Power BI, using LUIS + QnAMaker, what would you suggest is the best approach for pricing ? User based ? Fixed price ? Query based ? Thanks for your feedback... Read more

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Reviews and Ratings

jewel  in  Cloud+AI

How do customers send their reviews after they deploy or tries our app on Marketplace?

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Is MSFT attending AHR Expo in January?

augustinmallon  in  Cloud+AI

Is Microsoft attending AHR expo in Atlanta in Janurary ? @Raj

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