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Requirements for Marketplace participation policies

RicVilla  in  Cloud+AI

What are the requirements to get listed in the Marketplace (Azure Marketplace or AppSource)Answer:Here is the main criteriaRun on Microsoft Azure: The primary function of the software or service must run on Microsoft Azure.Deployable... Read more

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Where I can find docs about building Azure Apps and Managed Applications?

PatrickBM  in  Cloud+AI

There is a presenstation in Build 2018 that explains how to do it:  

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Application listed in the Azure Active Directory Gallery

RicVilla  in  Cloud+AI

My application is listed in the Azure Active Directory Gallery, but we never published it. How is this possible?Answer:The connection to this SaaS application is done using password-based single sign-on, and is provided... Read more

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Where is the documentation for how to publish on the Marketplace?

bryandickens  in  Cloud+AI

Sell with Azure Marketplace and Sell with AppSourceThen for publishing we have the public: Publisher Guideand the documentation for CPP: CPP Documentation

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Azure Partner Admin Link Preview

brian_levenson  in  Cloud+AI

Introducing the Partner Admin Link Preview To further empower the partners doing important work on behalf of other companies, Microsoft is proud to announce the preview availability of the Azure Partner Admin Link. Microsoft... Read more

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