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Microsoft Inspire - What's New for 2019?

There was lots of great feedback last year from Microsoft Inspire attendees, and based on that information Microsoft has made some changes this year to our largest partner conference of the year. 


1) We've made more time for networking; we've reduced the number of Corenote sessions and Canada (not all countries) have converted the Thursday area general session to networking, providing more access to Microsoft executives and other partners.

2) Simplifying the schedule so you can navigate the conference more easily. 

3) Combining the Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready expos into one centralized event, affording you greater access to Microsoft  employees, sponsors, an dother partners than ever before. (By the way, speaking of expos, this year The Commons has been renamed to The Hub). 

4) Moving the One Celebration location much closer to the Las Vegas strip. 

5) Organizing housing blocks by region, so partners and Microsoft attendees can stay better connected. This year all of Canada will be at the Mandalay Bay. 


We hope that these changes will make this already successful event even better. 


If you would like more information on Microsoft Inspire or if you wish to register now, you can visit the Microsoft Inspire website


I hope to see you there!