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Canadian Microsoft Inspire

Connect with partners, industry leaders, and Microsoft experts globally, and get the most of Microsoft Inspire this year.


Learn about the new invesments and program updates at Inspire

Find below the list of the recommended sessions where you can learn more about the recently partner investments and program updates announced. 
Recommended Featured Sessions
Build your go-to-market strategy with Microsoft
Monday, July 15 4:00PM - 5:00PM - Session I-PWM107
Toby Richards and Jeana Jorgensen

Maximizing the ISV partnership opportunity
Tuesday, July 16 1:00PM - 2:00PM - Session I-PWM139
Penny Philpot
New program overview for business applications ISV partners
Tuesday, July 16 2:30PM - 3:30PM - Session I-BAP139
Steve Guggenheimer

Accelerate transformation with the new Cloud Solution Provider experience on Microsoft commerce platform
Tuesday, July 16 2:30PM - 3:30PM - Session I-PWM123
Toby Richards and Carlos Cruz
Recommended Breakout and Power Sessions
Commerce and Commercial Marketplace
  • I-PWM301H Microsoft Marketplace: Building SaaS offers
  • I-PWM216H Marketplace roadmap
  • I-PWM144H What’s coming in CSP and Partner Center
  • I-PWM136 Introducing managed services offers in Azure marketplace
  • I-PWM146 Transforming agreements in CSP
  • I-AIP120 Optimizing cloud solution provider profitability through a new approach to managed services in Azure
Go-to-market and Co-sell
  • I-PWM226 Drive successful co-sell partnerships
  • I-PWM113H Ease of co-selling with connected tooling
  • I-PWM125 Marketing with Microsoft: Using go-to-market services to grow and expand your business
    Programs, Offers, and Resources
  • I-PWM115H Making the most of your partnership
  • I-PWM127H Microsoft Partner Network 101: Get to know the program
  • I-PWM121 How ISVs can get the most out of their relationship with Microsoft and our global partner ecosystem
  • I-PWM234 Partnering as an ISV: A detailed view of how to leverage the Microsoft partner ecosystem
  • I-BAP214 Introducing new partner contribution indicators and business applications competency changes



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Visit the Microsoft Partner Network booth and Marketplace booth in The Hub to get important resources and your questions answered about membership, partner center, and more.