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Highlights from Microsoft Inspire 2018


Heading into, and through a week of learning, news and networking at Inspire, there was a constant “drumbeat” of  announcements and highlights. We’ve tried to summarize them all, ensuring you have a chance to review each of them, and determine what it means for your business, and how it can create new opportunities for us to partner even further, to drive our shared success.


Highlights from Day One

Celebrating Canadian Partner successes with IMPACT Awards. Each year, Microsoft Canada hosts the IMPACT Awards, celebrating innovation in technology and recognizing the outstanding work our Canadian partners have done in leading to exciting new business opportunities, driving customer outcomes, in the pursuit of quality and digital growth within Canada.

This year, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the IMPACT Awards, and we recognized partners across 16 categories. Find the list of the winners here.


Making a difference that matters to the world. Digital transformation is creating new opportunities for every organization – commercial or government or nonprofit, from Enterprise to SMB. No matter what industry you may be in, what size of companies you serve, there are countless opportunities for technology, as an enabler, to be used to address the world’s most complex challenges. From developing new treatments for some of the most debilitating diseases, giving hope and dignity to children with surgery and modern technology, to helping brewers predict how new beer varieties will taste, these are just a few of the amazing stories where our partners, from around the globe, have started bringing a digital scale to more people, in a more inclusive way – and these are great examples of how we, together can make a bigger impact on society!


Highlights from Day Two

Selling together. In just a short time, co-selling has been a huge success. It is all about Microsoft selling our partner solutions and Microsoft-based solutions together. When we sell together, the deals are bigger and move faster, and have a win rate of 35 percent. That’s the real power of partnership.

During FY19 we will continue rewarding our sellers for selling our partner’s solutions, and if you haven’t yet, get started with AppSource, that will be the front door to selling with us.

Here is an example of one of the countless ways a partner can drive success and winning by selling with Microsoft while adding value prop to customers businesses.


Embracing a modern and secure workplace. We, as both Microsoft and our ecosystem, need to continue working on creating more solutions that connect and engage employees, and empower everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

Security is top of mind for customers, and with the average data breach costing more than US$4 million, with Microsoft 365, we can help bring integrated security to protect people, devices, and data. Security and compliance will play a central role in most Microsoft 365 customer engagements. Take a look at this case study that highlights how Microsoft 365 has helped the Heart Research Institute (HRI) conduct their world-class research to prevent, detect, and treat cardiovascular disease. Check it out


Highlights From Day Three

People-centered experiences. Whether in gaming, Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365, it should be about building people-centered and multidevice experiences, ensuring we are collaborating in more immersive and efficient ways, to enable cultural transformation in enterprises, and driving more and more productivity in SMBs. This was brought to life in a great demo of Microsoft HoloLens combined with Microsoft Remote Assist, integrating with Dynamics 365.

New digital experiences for partners are live. Think of these as practice development journeys for a growing list of practice areas, each with relevant content that’s accessible within each stage of the journey. We know there’s so much to investigate, learn, and validate before choosing your next opportunity to start or expand a practice that suits your capabilities and business model. We’ve aggregated our best practice-building content from across Microsoft and organized it into digital guided experiences, that should feel familiar to partners, as they follow the framework you’re accustomed to seeing in our playbooks on how to build a practice.

Our Opportunity and Responsibility. We talked about how fortunate we are, as an ecosystem, to be participating in this industry, at such a pivotal time. But in pointing that out, it was also highlighted that within our ecosystem, we have a shared responsibility to do more, and our hardest work when it comes to privacy, that it should be considered as a human right. He invited both Microsoft employees and partners around the globe to make sure everything we do is compliant, to ensure everything we deploy and provide meets the GDPR and/or other regulatory requirements.

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Any highlights, learnings or key moements you'd like to share?  


Well written Andrea!

A very useful summary! I believe that Inspire 2018 was a huge success and there are so many wonderful opportunities for partners in the era of partnerships!


Regards, Per