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Congratulations to the AI Impact Award winner and finalists

We're thrilled to announce the AI Impact Award Winner, Cognizant!  


The AI Impact award represents a Microsoft AI solution that helps improve or drive innovation to transform businesses with new business models and revenue streams. 


Throughout the year, Cognizant has grown their ADS consumption significantly, resulting to having the highest year-over-year YTD ADS Growth rate. They also drove a consistent consumption growth in analytics and have added several new azure customers, bringing in the highest azure customers in the past year. Due to Cognizant's outstanding performance, it is without a doubt that they are this year's winner for this award. Learn more: Intuition engineered—human insight at superhuman speed | Cognizant Canada


We also want to extend our congratulations to our finalist: BDO Global. They were able to grow their ADS consumption, which resulted to a significant YoY YTD ADS growth across many customers. See the full list of Canada #MSImpactAwards winners and finalists: Impact Awards 2022 (microsoft.com) #MSPartner1658327824847.jpg