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10 Marketing Don'ts

Last week, we shared 10 Marketing high-level DOs to be considered when working on a Marketing plan. Today, I'd like to share 10 Marketing Don'ts for you to think about, if looking to taking your marketing to the next level. Do they sound familiar? Take a look and share your thoughts:  


10 marketing DON’TS

  1. Discount marketing – Marketing is a vital business function that, when done right, can return impressive sales results. Don’t skimp, hire professional marketing talent to manage your budget.
  2. Pinch pennies – Give your marketers/agencies realistic budgets to do things. Consider the investment required to buy media, run events, manage social media, and write blog posts to name a few.
  3. Talk to yourself – Good marketing focuses on the customers’ needs and wants—not yours. Make sure all of your brand communications are designed to start a conversation about what’s important to them.
  4. Skip creative briefs – Companies that brief their marketers/agencies properly end up with stronger results—and stay within their budget. Set your team(s) up for success.
  5. Just follow your gut – Marketers need to do their homework—reviewing competitive activity, identifying and researching your target audiences, and analyzing performance.
  6. Go “all-in” – Don’t bet on one big activity at the expense of a balanced b2b plan, which account for ad campaigns, blogging, email, events, gated content, and a lot more.
  7. SEO overkill- It’s important to optimize your website for search engines, but not at the expense of a compelling brand message. Avoid jargon.
  8. Go dark – Nothing looks worse than visiting a potential vendor’s blog, only to discover that they have not updated it since 2011. Frequent and varied activity is the expectation.
  9. Assume anything – Don’t rest on your laurels. Never underestimate your competition or a disruptive product/service offering, even when it seems inferior to yours.
  10. Lose your patience – It takes a sustained marketing effort over the course of several months, and even years to build momentum and meaningful brand awareness in market. Be patient.


Share your feedback, thoughts and insigths (some don’ts of your own)—in the comments below!

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