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Cloud Advocate Content Highlights (Week of 9/30)

Microsoft's Cloud Advocates help every technologist, from those in enterprises or startups, to succeed and do what they love: write, code, and learn. They engage developers and others in the software ecosystem to further technical education and proficiency within the Microsoft Cloud + AI platform. Cloud Advocates meet with developers around the world through talks, demos, and engagement in technical communities. Please check out the latest Cloud Advoacy content highlights below for the week of 9/30:



Cloud Advocate  


Topics & Technologies  

What are Kubernetes Minions? 

Adi Polak (Twitter: @AdiPolak) 

The first of a series in bitesize Kubernetes articles - this one explains what Kubernetes minions are. 

Containers, Kubernetes, Students 

Using Durable Entities and Orchestrators to Create an ApiCache 

Aaron Powell (Twitter: @slace) 

This post is part of Serverless September. It shows off how you can use Durable Entities and Orchestrators together while we build a data cache. 

Compute + Serverless, Azure Functions 

Build your First Serverless App with Nitro: Angular, NestJSand Azure 

Yohan Lasorsa (Twitter: @sinedied) 

This tutorial shows how to build a fullstack serverless app from scratch, using the Nitro stack: Angular ,NestJS and Azure. 

The Nitro stack allows you to build fullstack TypeScript apps in a consistent, robust and cost-efficient way. 

Compute + Serverless, Nitro, Serverless,NestJS, Azure Functions, Azure Storage, Azure CLI, Azure App Service 

Deploying to On-Premises Windows Machines with Azure DevOps - Part 1

Abel Wang (Twitter: @AbelSquidHead) 

In this series, Abel Wang and Zachary Deptawawalk through deploying to on premises Windows servers behind firewalls using Azure DevOps. 


In part one, we walk through configuring a Build for a .NET application inside of Azure DevOps. In later episodes, the build will be used with Deployment Groups on Windows servers and we'll set up a Release Pipeline to repeatably and reliably deploy to those Windows servers behind a firewall. 

Cloud Computing (General), Azure DevOps Services, .NET, .NET Core, C#, Deployment Groups, Windows Server, Azure Pipelines 

The Future of .NET Web Apps, How YOU can Learn to Build Your First Blazor App in .NET Core 3.0 

Chris Noring(Twitter: @Chris_noring) 

Blazor is Microsoft's new answer to using the .NET platform and C# language everywhere, on frontend as well as backend. Let's find out more about Blazor and how you build apps with it in this article. 

Programming (General), .NET, .NET Core, C#, MicrosoftBlazor, Web based .NET 

Check Out How to Reset and Reinstall Windows 10 PC from the Cloud 

Thomas Maurer (Twitter: @ThomasMaurer) 

In the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build you have a new feature called Windows 10 Cloud Reset. This new feature helps you to reset and reinstall your Windows 10 machine from the cloud.  

Desktop + Streaming, Windows 10, Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE), Startups, Students 

September 2019 .NET/ASP.NET Documentation Update 


Associated Blog 

MaximeRouiller (Twitter: @MaximRouiller) 

This is the fourth month where Max posts a summary of all .NET-related documentation that was significantly updated. This month covers all changes from September 1st to September 27th. 


Machine Learning for Mobile Poets - Meet the eMiLyapp 

Jen Looper (Twitter: @jenlooper) 

Build a mobile app to enhance your appreciation of 19th century poetry, with the help of text-mining in Azure notebooks and Microsoft Cognitive Services to analyze text and selfies. 

AI + Machine Learning, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Mobile Development 

How to use custom Storage Classes in Kubernetes 

Abhishek Gupta (Twitter: @Abhi_tweeter) 

In this article, we will look at how you can create your own Storage Class to meet your needs. The example scenario is based on an Azure Kubernetes Service but should be applicable to any Kubernetes provider. 

Compute + Serverless, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Storage, Azure Cloud Shell 

What is Docker, Why Use it? | Docker and .NET Core 101  

Shayne Boyer ( Twitter: @spboyer) 

Why use containers? Docker is a way to package and distribute your applications with all its dependencies. It works on my machine, your machine and their machine. 

Containers Docker, .NET, .NET Core,