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New CSP Customer Promotion for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform to accelerate your pipeline

In today's economic environment, SMB organizations are using digital tools to improve their processes and productivity - so they could spend less time and resources to achieve more. ​


With this in mind, we have a great new promotion to help you introduce Microsoft's Business Applications to your customer. Microsoft Business Applications solutions are built to help customers respond and adopt in real time to navigate current environmental challenges, sell digitally their products or services, make powerful planning decisions, to help sustain and grow their future.


This new promotion provides discounted Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions to support new customers who have started their digital transformation journey. It also allows your customer to adopt our solutions without a yearly commitment, at the same monthly price.


You now have an opportunity to introduce new customers to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform at this lower price point and get the benefit of cloud attribution revenue toward the Solution Designation and incentives.


Promotion Criteria:

    • Qualifying customers: Net new customer tenant
    • Qualifying products: all Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
    • Offer duration: October 06, 2022 to June 30, 2023
    • Geography:  Worldwide
    • Sales channels: CSP​ New Commerce Experience
    • Discount percent and discount description: 16.67% discount off a monthly subscription

Call to Action:

    • Familiarize yourself with the offer details
    • Target your customers using your cloud ascent data available on your MPN Account.
    • Start engaging with your most promising accounts now using this promo kit.

Promotion Kit includes:

    • CSP New Customer Promotion Details (1 pager)
    • To-customer presentations (one for D365 and one for Power Platform)
    • Telescript for identifying new Business Applications SMB Opportunities
    • OFT to customers (forthcoming)

Additional Go to Market Resources can be found on our SMB partner portal page


Happy selling!

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I like the promotion itself and the kit is really worth looking at too. Cool, thank you very much @Dilan!