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OCP "Build With"


Recently, my company is interesting in joining OCP program. The program should cover 3 aspect, "Build with" , "Go To Market" and "Sell With". I curious how the "Build With" works. What kind of resource could be put in the solution building? Could someone could eleborate the "Build with" ?




Hi Emma,

Here's a text that helps a bit:


  • The new partner engagement model is focused on your success. Whether you need to build a practice, develop a solution, or level up your capabilities, the build-with team can help.
  • The Build-with motion is about getting the right resource to you at the right time – without limitations based on license, geography, business model, or segment.  
  • A dedicated manager will no longer have their focus split between revenue scorecards, customer demands, and your growth.  The new conversation is all about you: how you define success, how we can build solutions with you, and what we can do to help you realise your goals. 
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TBH, this information doesn't really explain anything. It's just a marketing blurb with vague buzz words. Could someone possibly shed some light with actual examples of what "build with" provides? I've been doing my own research and can't find any concrete examples. Thanks
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Hi @Enma & @Russ ,


The 'Build with' motion refers to various programs and depending on your business needs you might want to :

  • Build Partnerships - more information here and by reviewing this recent MPC Ask me Anything Event;
  • Build an app - if you are a SW development focused company, you can access more information here;
  • Build practices - please review this resource.

Everything you need to know about Partner programs is gathered under the Microsoft Partner website.

Let me know if this clarifies,