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Meet the Microsoft Partner-Influencer Team!

The Influencer Team, comprised of Executive-level players at Microsoft Partner organizations and nominated by Microsoft SMEs, have united with Microsoft to help enable you, our Partners, to succeed in your businesses. Whether that be supporting you in your transition to the cloud, helping you ensure customer success, relaying important Microsoft Partner announcements, supporting regional events and more – the Influencer team is here to help.


Throughout July, the influencers will be introducing themselves and their areas of expertise in this forum below. You can reach out to the Influencer Team here on the Microsoft Partner Community and connect with them through social channels to ask questions or to stay up-to-date on the latest Microsoft Partner information.

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Hi everyone -- my name is Paul Woods and I am the founder of Adopt & Embrace.  We are a adoption & change management partner working to help organisations create more inclusive modern workplaces across Australia and New Zealand.  We love working with everyone outside of IT to help them unlock business value from Office 365 Microsoft 365, and devices like Surface Hub.

I am really excited to be a Partner Influencer, and more than happy to share with the community.  Specifically, if you want to explore the opporutnity for your firm around adoption and change management (and how you can leverage that opportunity to get in front of decision makers that can drive more of your core business?)... get in touch!


Hey Paul, good to see you on here matey! Albeit over a year ago 😛

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Note: Paul Woods is very humble and undersells himself. Having worked with him personally I can verify that Paul and his team ROCKS!

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Hello from Seattle! 

I am the Founder-in-Chief of Blue Rooster, and like many of my peers on this thread, knows what it takes to build a company from ground-up, starting as a Professional Services firm with 65 employees; Microsoft Gold Partner doing business Globally and oh so much fun! We took a big pivot in 2014 and built Rise Foundation, the first Intranet in a Box product; 100% SaaS based solution. The intellectual property for Rise Foundation, the patent pending and trademarked SaaS-GUI for Office 365 and SharePoint created by Blue Rooster, was acquired in 2015.

Today I work closely with Microsoft Partners move to the cloud - it's a big process and one of my goals is to make it easy for all of you partners making the jump.  When we were starting out in 2013 with the IP product, there were zero referenceable materials for SaaS pricing, MRR, churn and all the buzz words that were coming on to the scene. Reach out if you need any help with what you are doing, always free to make time for a company doing great work. I will post some great links in the coming days with more content. 

In the mean time, if you want a great case study on a company that is doing extremely well in the SaaS world, check out www.bindtuning.com. An amazing transformation story about pivoting from traditional EA sales to SaaS based selling. The products, team and founder help make it look easy, but this is a company doing serious ground work in the Office 365 and SharePoint space! 

Reach out if you need another perspective!

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Love the business name!

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Hey Partners!  

My name is Laszlo Foldesi, working for Systemfarmer. Our company is based in Hungary, CEE, focusing on Digital Transformation in the SMB sector with 15 people today. Started as a Google Apps company with 4 people, and transformed to Office 365 ~5 years ago.  

Now we are providing Solutions based on costumers needs, built on the Microsoft Cloud like Office 365, Dynamics, EMS and Azure. I am proud that I have a professional team who is helping my job daily both on technical, sales and marketing side.  

On my personal business side, I am passionate about business efficiency and improvements. I am focusing now on marketing and core business strategies.  I started as a techie and I can say I was lucky that I always could find my way in my company to try myself out and transition to different areas. On marketing side I am  always trying to find the best ways and tools to improve ROI (or just to be able to have some vision), and I am not afraid of trying out new things and ways. And I am definitely not afraid of failing during my days!

I am happy to help you on how to start marketing with an acceptable budget, what tools to use, how to measure your campaigns and how to track your customers. Also happy to share my experiences, how I failed what I learned during my years.  

# "An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field" Niels Bohr - So keep going!

See you at Inspire, Laszlo

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Hi everyone - end of July already and what a great month having attended Inspire to catch up with old freinds and new and to touch base with all the other great Partner Influencers!

My name is Stuart Nielsen-Marsh working for Pulsant.  Our compnay is a leading provider of privayte and public cloud solutions underpinned by highly resilient networks that supports more than 4,000 mid-tier and enterprise customers from our 15 UK datacentres. Our services are powered by enterprise-class technology, delivered by exceptional engineers who create comprehensive and innovative hosting solutions that deliver value to our customers. Our consultative approach ensures we design and build flexibility within our delivery model that adapts as your business grows. We are very focussed right now on launching our Azure Stack services as MS approaches GA for Stack at the end of August!

On a personal level I have over twenty years of experience in the software, consulting and professional services industry, a track record of customer centric growth, leading business innovation and change. I have spent the last few years running cloud services businesses, as well as adoption, integration and strategy implementation, having been involved in various Cloud start-ups and projects in both enterprise and SMB companies. As a Microsoft Partner Executive, Partner Influencer I'm always happy to discuss planned cloud services strategies and to present or provide consulting in this area.

Most recently I've been driving a core Microsoft strategy, leading the transformational changes required to modernise a traditional hosting company into a modern hybrid cloud service provider and this was the focus of my recent presentations at Inspire this year..

So always happy to help out where I can, and if you are a new (or exsiting) CSP and are looking for some help in how to engage or improve your managed cloud services feel free to reach out.


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Hi Everyone!

My name is Carl Mazzanti and I am the owner of eMazzanti Technologies headquartered in Hoboken, NJ. We are an IT consulting and managed services firm with a newly acquired digital marketing and design firm, Liqui-Site! We work mainly with SMBs, but our sweet spot for a customer can have anywhere from 10 - 250 people.

My background is in Sales and it still plays a large part in my day to day life at the head of eMazznati Technologies. I am very passionate about assisting businesses reach their true potential through the power of technology! Nothing makes me happier than to nurture a business and watching it grow under our care.

eMazzanti Technologies has been recognized by Inc 5000 (7 years), MSP 501, NJBiz, Ernst & Young: Entrepenuer of the Year (Finalist), and won the Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2012, 2013, and 2015. I'm part of PAC and IAMCP and eagerly looking forward to the Microsoft Inspire event! If anyone is looking for any assistance on growing their business or partnering let me know!

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Hi, Everyone!

I am grateful to be a part of this awesome crew! I'm Dux Raymond Sy and I serve as CMO & Public Sector CTO of AvePoint - we help migrate, manage and protect SharePoint and Office 365 data. 

I've been involved with the Microsoft ecosystem for over 15 years now  - apart from the Partner Influencer program, I am honored to be a Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) as well.

On top of gettiing in the technical trenches and working with the latest Microsoft Cloud technologies, I am passionate about   non-traditional and creative thought leadership marketing like this, this and this.

In addition, I love exploiting social media to help grow business and personal brand. I've had the great opportunity to share my tips and tricks in past Microsoft  events - here's one from WPC 2015 y'all can check out: When to use what? How to leverage relevant social media channels

How can I help you with influencer marketing or elevating your social strategy? Let me know.

I look forward to hear from you!








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Hi everyone! I'm Jenn Martin and I'm the Global VP of Sales for BitTitan where I've been for three years. BitTitan provides Managed Services Automation, transforming Technology Services Providers into Modern Managed Services Providers. We create let ITSP's focus on what they do best; a world where you can focus on what makes you successful. We’ve worked with over 50,000 IT service providers and Microsoft partners worldwide in the last 10 years, and we’ve helped to make their Office 365 and Azure businesses more successful. Basically, our whole business is helping you be a more successful Microsoft partner.


We have significant experience and content around how to optimize and automate your processes specifically around O365 and Azure. Ideas on best practices, how to launch a new service, leverage automation to drive profit, and build a managed service around O365 or Azure. 


Feel free to reach out if there is anything I can do to help! Looking forward to working with the community.

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Hi Everyone, my name is Reed Wilson and I am the CEO of PTG, out of the US. PTG is a regional managed services provider with a focus on customers in the 50-150 employee count.

We've grown primarily based on our digital marketing efforts and that is something that I am extremely passionate about (and always trying to learn how we can get better). I love hearing what other partners are doing with marketing and am always willing to share our marketing best practices, and most importantly, marketing efforts that were a total flop.

I've also learned all the wrong ways to grow and build a recurring revenue business, so if recurring revenue is something you are trying to build I'd be happy to share our lessons learned over the past 10 years. 🙂

PTG has been recognized on the Inc 5000, the MSP Mentor 501, and one of 25 the Best Places to Work in South Carolina for the last four years. We are also active in HTG Peer Groups so I believe in the power of community.

I lol forward to connecting in this community!
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You're not the first person I've seen speak highly of the HTG peer groups and I know a few members here in Australia.

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My name is Ravindra Kini (Kini).  I am the Founder DIrector at Affordable Business Solutions (ABS), Dynamics Partner in India since 2005.  Being one of the early partners offering Dynamics on the cloud, we have today built Industry Vertical Solutions addressing various Industries, including the NGO.  In fact, one of our Projects delivered at Akshaya Patra Foundation was presented at the WPC in the year 2014 at Washington DC.  I will be around this time too.  Looking forward to meeting with other partners to share our experience, collaborate and co-create value . 

Wilson,  I would be keen to meet with you and exchange notes to understand the various aspects in growing business in different geographies.....the digital marketing way. 🙂


Hi all,

My name is Per Werngren and I have been funding and running a number of IT companies - most of them have been Microsoft Partners. My last gig was to develop Idenet from a professional services company to a significant North European Hosting Provider that had a super strong partnership with Microsoft. I sold the company last Spring and now I'm focusing on helping other Microsoft Partners in Europe and USA to find their mojo as well as being an investor in companies with high growth potential.

My funniest and most emotional job was to lead the development of the IAMCP from four to 44 countries and a revenue in deals done by our members of $10BN. As worldwide President of the IAMCP for five terms I had the pleasure to lead a wonderful global team of strong and highly talented individuals that all made a successful job!

Based on my experience from the IAMCP and the meetings with Microsoft Partners across the globe, I've developed the well-known P2P Maturity Model which is a great framework for how to structure your P2P development and increase maturity in four stages over ten business functions. For me this was a great way of giving back and to spread the knowledge with no financial personal gain (resources available for free at www.p2pmaturitymodel.com). I'm pleased to see that the P2P Maturity Model has become a standard for P2P development in the Microsoft ecosystem and I welcome YOUR stories about how you have used it (and also any questions that you might have).


Regards, Per

Level 1 Contributor

Hi Per,

Hope you are well and looing forward to xmas.  It would be great to link up in the new year as i'd be keen to let you know about PragmatiQ Solutions journey to date and would welcome any advice you may have for us.

All the best and look forward to hearing from you.



Sounds great! Happy to talk after Jan 7th when I’m back from vacation!
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Sounds good, what dates and time work best?

If you forward me your e-mail address i'll send a meeting invite.




8th and 9th at 3pm or 4pm CET works well

Level 5 Contributor

That's a great resource, Per and a good reminder that I should look at what the Australian IAMCP chapter is up to these days.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm Chris Dunning the CEO of TechQuarters, a CSP based in Vauxhall, near the centre of London. We focus all our efforts on moving SMB organisations to the Microsoft Cloud. We then we support them with our Managed Services Team and also provide a User Training Video Portal and App solution for Office 365 Adoption, called 365 Cloud Academy.


The 365 Cloud Academy is also a channel product with other Microsoft Partners around the Globe reselling it into their Office 365 client accounts.


We've recently been helping clients with their Digital Transformation journey and also advising on GDPR solutions, which is quite topical at the moment.


I have been involved with Microsoft Partner Advisory Councils in the UK and US, with a focus on Office 365 for a few years now. I love the way Technology is changing all the time, with so many great innovations. I'm looking forward to seeing where is goes now. I used to be a tech, then ops, then sales, so have a bit of a mixed bag of experience.


I've become more vocal on LinkedIn of late with TechQuartersTV videos created in our own studio, which has been so much fun! Feel free to connect and I'm also chrisdunning1 on twitter.






Welcome Chris! So excited to have your expertise in Digital Transformation & GDPR - both are very hot topics for our partner community.