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Building Partnerships & Alliances

Build a successful Microsoft practice through partners & alliances

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Meet the Microsoft Partner-Influencer Team!

The Influencer Team, comprised of Executive-level players at Microsoft Partner organizations and nominated by Microsoft SMEs, have united with Microsoft to help enable you, our Partners, to succeed in your businesses. Whether that be supporting you in your transition to the cloud, helping you ensure customer success, relaying important Microsoft Partner announcements, supporting regional events and more – the Influencer team is here to help.


Throughout July, the influencers will be introducing themselves and their areas of expertise in this forum below. You can reach out to the Influencer Team here on the Microsoft Partner Community and connect with them through social channels to ask questions or to stay up-to-date on the latest Microsoft Partner information.


Hi All!


My name is Zaun Bhana and I'm the Managing Director of Leap Consulting based in Perth, Western Australia. We're an IT strategy and managed services provider focused on helping mid-sized firms navigate digital disruption. See how many buzzwords I got in that one sentence? Smiley Happy


Just like you we're a Microsoft Partner (for nearly 14 years now). I was part of the SMB PAL programme before this and I have also served as a Facilitator and Advisory Council member for HTG Peer Groups.


I'm passionate about helping others grow and discover their potential. Mostly this is around having your business work for you and not the other way around. Sometimes it's as simple as helping people identify their next step or asking the right questions.


As a "non-tech" my background is sales, marketing and operations so my strength is sharing with you all the wonderful mistakes, errors and experience along with hopefully the odd nugget of success.


Looking forward to helping the community grow!




We are so excited to have you join Microsoft Partner Community as an expert in the areas you outlined in your post - Welcome!