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Market place - Transcational ISV examples

Hi All, 

As MSFT FY21 is off to the races I am trying to find other ISVs and CSPs to talk to in regards to the marketplace motions that's been re-amped by Microsoft for this year. 

We are an ip-co-sell ready partner and listed in the App source and we'd ventured in the Azure Marketplace several years ago. If you want to hear my take on that, happy to share. 


But times are changing and for the better. So instead of MSFT, I'd like to tap into the expert community and see if there are nay transactional ISVs how have grown business, scaled through AppSource? 


Let's see if we can share experience - as it truly matters. 


Thanks so much! 


Ati Serpoushan, VP of Microsoft and 0365 Partners for Hive Streaming
Level 3 Contributor

I have recently launched a transactable SaaS offering in the marketplace and have enabled the CSP option. I am interested in providing free licenses to CSP's for their internal use and am looking for a scalable way. Currently FileWall for Exchange Online is highest reviewed security app.  I am sending 2 related links for this.



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I would really like to connect, share and build a better knowledge around AppSource and how to grow business. We are IP Co-Sell with Wide Ideas and are published in AppSource https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-gb/product/office/WA200000819?tab=Overview

Looking forward hearing from you!