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Looking for Implementation and Reseller Partners for Predictive Analytics on Microsoft Data and AI

Tangent works, TIM,  makes predictive analytics on Time series data extremely easy. With its InstantML technology, it drives business benefits for you with accurate, fast, automated prediction and anomaly detection.


TIM Blends in the Microsoft Data and AI solution and connects with Microsoft Power BI and the Microsoft Power Platform , Microsoft Azure Synapse and more


Tangent Works, as an ISV, is looking for Reseller and Implementation partners focussing on various industries and in various geographies. 


Why should you Partner with us:-


Revenue - Significant opportunity for data related products and service around the TIM product. Complement the Microsoft Data and AI Landscape

Leverage on Data knowledge / experience - Tap in to significant  market of ML powered predictive and prescriptive analytics and ride the ML/Data science innovation wave.

Innovate in a growing market - Offer ML based predictive and prescriptive functionalities in your applications.

Integrate in your APPS

Visibility - Get the visibility of the Tangent Works eco system


Some More reading


Tangent Works TIM InstantML on the Azure Market Place

TIM Use Case Library (various industries)


Want to learn more - Contact Me


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Hi Dirk,


We are based out of India. If you would like to engage with us to do Data Visualization and Data Storytelling for your customers.


Please reach out to me harshada.kushe@atcerp.com.


Would be happy to be of any help.





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Hi dirk,

I am interested.