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I look for a partner to cooperate with me for the creation of a mobile app for banks and a phone call app for skype, zoom etc added

Read details of the two apps and an innovative quantum technology cell phone eco-friendly, any ideas on how to design, manufacture, test it? If no is it possible to send me links to various programs in the US to apply for funding or an investment, in relation to the third project?


Please contact also, to taousiani.vaia@gmail.com too.

Kind regards 🙂

Vaia Tausiani.

Speech therapist M.Sc.

Software programmer/Analyst.





Level 2 Contributor

Hello Viaa,

I would like to partiner with you  on developing the product and supporting each other to make this a success.

In Amphis; We have a service called 'AmphiBrains'. We are working to support ideas and provide platform for innovation meant to spur talent growth. I will appreciate to work with you to bring this to fruitition.

Please reach out to me at :syrus.mathew@amphis.us or services@amphis.us

Thanks and regards

Level 1 Contributor

Iam so happy to read you thanks for Agree and OK to join you as Alliances 

Best wishes,