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CYJS - Multilingual Javascript Framework


I'm Luc Christiany, 55 yo, expert in programming for very long, and specialized in web devlopments since 1995. My company is CYSTEME - http://cysteme.fr - , my email is luc@cysteme.fr or luke7263@gmail.com

I have began to create CYJS two years ago, a small Javascript framework starting from scratch since it was impossible to find such a one providing basic tools necessary to build web applications according to my needs. Sure I had tested a lot of things before, all would have need a lot of time to learn and to adapt, but even so I did not find a framework basically multilingual and providing automated stuff to save time. For example to me, main menu management must only depends on writing its entries in a file, that's all, with no programming at all, meanwhile it must be possible to change its design easily if necessary.
Framework, library, quite the same use, I don't want to make difference to keep my words clear for everybody.

Starting from this : Outlook since it exists has brought a typical useful interface : small header with top menu, left menu bar for tools, main app window, small footer.. This is just what a typical web app needs. So I wrote my framework with these pre-requisites. All these elements are automatically managed by CYJS and really accessible to any web programmer without learning to much, you just have to describe the left menu, few config lines, and code the main app. A simple new hello page is ready to use in 1 mn, with CYJS you really focus your available time on the needed application, the framework takes care of everything else, including responsive resizing, menu display, forms and tables management, dynamic input control ... For example the menu has 3 automatic display mode depending on the screen width, and is automatically resized according to your window settings.

CYJS is based on Javascript + jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, that's all. It needs any web server, Linux, Windows server, ... It is responsive, multilingual, compact and fast, easy to learn, with dynamic CSS, offline mode (unique feature working with any webservice !), automated cache ..

Below is the cyjs.fr web site description, english web site. However I'm french but all web programming languages are in english as well all documentations, that's the main reason I did it in english, but also I don't have time enough for a multilingual web site ..:(


CYJS is a responsive multilingual Javascript framework useful to quickly develop professional web apps as backoffice and admin panels. It’s goal is not to provide tons of widgets or complicated stuff to use, but a fast and reliable framework that handle all the common features that a common webapp needs. You don’t have to take care about menu management or responsive mode neither page loading, the framework does the job. CYJS is NOMVC, as a programmer you know the job, you program as you want. But sure you just have to respect the very few conventions.

Unlike some other frameworks, CYJS respects pure HTML. Only new tags and attributes are provided but the code is pure HTML5. So nothing new to learn there. And CYJS tries to provide most of its amazing capabilities by using only HTML code, by often providing dedicated HTML5 data attributes, since maintaining HTML code is much more easier than maintaining Javascript code of course. CSS code is also pure CSS, but since V2.0 you can use there integrated dynamic CSS features by setting in config.js file dedicated Javascript variables represented in CSS code by %varname% as for example %TextColor%.

Also translations are automatically managed. Title attributes as well as label, options, th and legend tags are automatically translated when page loading. A new l tag is dedicated to translate other paragraphs. Language files are really easy to maintain with dedicated files.

Rather than providing tons or documentation difficult to maintain for a small company as we are, we have decided to provided useful example pages, you are free to use anything from these and to adapt the code to your needs, and of course share your stuff in forum pages.

CYJS is supported by the common web browsers as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, but not by Internet Explorer.

CYJS is developped by CYSTEME, a French IT company in Strasbourg, France, with expert in software devlopment for many years ..


Voilà. To me Microsoft IS the best reference for software devlopments, that's the reason I'm requesting some help from you to improve CYJS and make it a powerful tool for web programming. Sure I will contact others companies like your since I'm not sure my framework will arouse your interests, but you are the first I thought about.

Anyway I hope you will try the live demo on http://cyjs.fr web site, multilingual of course (english/french/thai at this moment), to give you an idea. All the available documentation is online, I did not have time to create a whole book, that's one of the reasons I need help ..:(

You can also test a whole app I wrote alone with CYJS only in 30 days at https://cloudfiles.fr/fichiers/?u=publicnopassword
CloudFiles is a kind of private Dropbox web app, wil be soon useful for french companies since GDPR deadline is coming.. By the way I'm also looking for a partner to propose this solution to companies.

And please try these demos with Edge, it really looks like I have wrote CYJS to work with Edge on purpose since CYJS web apps really look like 'integrated' inside Edge, same kind of design and colors ..;)

Thanks for you time and I hope you will contact me back quickly.

PS: please use better luke7263@gmail.com because Microsoft mail servers refuse to exchange mail with my own mail server for many months (I only have this problem with Microsoft). I'm also a Linux expert for 30 years and I've always had my own mail server, I even wrote an 'Outlook like' software in 1988 working in half graphic/text mode, on old green screen .. 😉