Even the most productive industry leaders sometimes struggle with managing busy work as they grow their business. Too often we get bogged down in doing things we think we have to do, and push aside the things we want to do - including making business critical decisions like expanding your portfolio. Time management traps include having too many meetings, struggling to keep up with emails, and other tasks that seem to keep you from actually getting anything done.

That's where the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy comes in. GTD is both a best-selling book by productivity consultant David Allen and a method to keep on top of a never-ending to-do list. GTD is method of organizing your tasks to make your priorities and your schedule more manageable. A couple benefits of the GTD method include more visibility into your tasks, greater control over what you spend time on, and clearing out any mental distractions that prevent you from working more efficiently.

Start rethinking how you complete the work you need  to do with the GTD method.

Getting Things Done Infographics

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