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The Win-Win of Value-based Pricing Strategies

The one thing many partners struggle with is pricing strategy. The old standards like cost plus margin and perpetual licensing don't always make sense with cloud-based offers. Newer, consumption-based, pay-as-you-go models have taken over and disrupted the entire industry. With offer-based cloud services in today's marketplace, your price becomes part of your value proposition.

In today's MPN blog titled "The Win-Win of Value-based Pricing Strategies," Microsoft Cloud Profitabilty Lead, Melissa Mulholland shares successful value-based pricing models that have literally become competitive sales weapons.

What are your thoughts on pricing and fees? What has worked for your company? Please share your thoughts and feedback below!





This is a great topic! At Inspire I sat down with several partners and discussed this very topic!

I think that partners (and our industry in general) often makes it way too complex. It needs to be easy for the customer to understand and less is often more!

Let's open up the floor for discussion!


Regards, Per