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The most effective marketing tools and strategies are constantly in flux. That’s why Microsoft’s partner training materials are always evolving, too, and we hope you’ll take full advantage of our latest—and free—resources.  


Our new training  videos offer advice from our most successful partners about how to tackle marketing—from creating a value proposition to developing a strong customer experience. For instance, did you know that businesses that use nurture marketing see a 50 percent growth in sales at a 33 percent lower price point? Watch the video to learn the fundamentals of nurture marketing, how it’s done, and how you, too, can turn more leads into customers. Explore more of our content to find advice on competitive analysis, differentiating your business from competitors, and more.


We’re especially pleased to share new Azure content with our partners. In this collection of resourcesyou’ll discover a comprehensive list of go-to-market tools, including customizable social banners, an email template, pitch deck, selling guide, and infographic—all with resource-specific guidance.


We hope you’ll explore Microsoft’s customizable marketing campaign resources and tailor them to suit your business needs.  We’ve made it simple to find and download content such as blogs, starter guides, and overviews of the latest MPN updates. You can find all of our campaign materials across solution areas here: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-CA/asset#/?type=marketing-campaigns&area=mrkt


Some of the most valuable resources Microsoft offers partners are Go-To-Market services.  You’ll find a broad range of helpful, specialized partner paid services such as how to create sales-ready materials for your team, how to optimize your digital marketing strategies, and much more.


We are a partner-driven business—that’s why we’re committed to supporting partners with smart, easily accessible content. More than 75 percent of partners have used our resources to save time to market, and 68 percent plan to use trainings this year. We hope you’ll take advantage of our newest training and videos to grow your business today and tomorrow in this fast-evolving marketplace.


Share your thoughts. Comment below!