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Learnings from the IoT in Action journey

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The Internet of Things (IoT) presents an avalanche of opportunity, and companies around the world are still determining how they fit in. That’s why more than 4,000 people gathered at Microsoft’s IoT in Action events around the world, and why Microsoft continues to deliver valuable IoT resources such as the IoT in Action webinar series.



While multiple points were touched upon, speakers at IoT in Action events addressed three main topics: Current security challenges and opportunities; exciting new IoT innovations; and how to use Microsoft resources to grow IoT business.


  1. Security challenges and opportunities

The desire to safeguard devices and remove security threats is why Microsoft developed the seven properties of highly secure devices. They're useful checkpoints for the device building and design process, and are based on more than 20 years of experience.


Security is a challenge because no single solution spans all the needed layers of IoT devices.  Microsoft builds these seven properties into its products so that as partners adopt these technologies, they include the properties in their solutions from the start.


In addition to security challenges, there was also talk of opportunities. During the IoT in Action events, James Whittaker summarized by stating: With IoT, you have machines talking to machines, and that means the weakest link in the security chain is humans—humans clicking on dumb links, humans being hacked. With that removed from the equation, IoT has the potential to be the most secure network that ever existed.”


  1. Exciting IoT innovations

From hot tubs to zombies, there were several new innovations applying IoT solutions in exciting ways.


One event announcement showcased the breadth of possibility behind IoT solutions. Microsoft announced plans to build several buildings as part of a new campus. And here's the best part: a group of IoT experts will equip these buildings with intriguing capabilities, such as cafés you can talk to, parking garages that help you park, and conference rooms that know who’s there (and who's missing). Such building innovations will later be scaled up to cities and address some of the larger problems facing us today.


  1. Building the IoT ecosystem with Microsoft resources

One goal for the IoT in Action events and the webinar series is to foster collaboration across the IoT ecosystem by bringing everyone together. By influencing partnerships across the ecosystem, Microsoft hopes to make it easy for partners to look at available solutions, understand them, and apply them to drive success for their business.


During the event, partners discussed ways they use Microsoft resources to grow their IoT business. One key finding was that for these partners, it’s less about the technology and more about generating great outcomes and experiences for their customers. To that end, they’re using Microsoft resources to drive customer engagement, better utilize the data being generated, and gain critical, valuable insights for future development.


While this event was a chance to learn more about IoT and how to apply it within your own business model, the learning opportunities don’t stop there. As part of the IoT in Action series, Microsoft has also launched webinar series across several strategic verticals. They include energy, retail, industrial automation, smart building, healthcare, and security and surveillance.

Register here for the upcoming IoT in Action webinars and discover the possibilities IoT solutions hold for different industries.


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