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Episode 36 - what qualities enable great leadership?

~What do you think makes a great leader? Please comment below and listen to the podcast here~

As we approach year's end, I asked my good friend and New York Times BestSelling author, Don Yaeger to join me for a special encore episode to discuss his latest book along with leadership lessons and principles that he has applied to a successful career and personal life.

This episode is a little different than our typical episodes, but there are some great nuggets and leadership lessons that Don shares from a rich career and engagement with leaders in all aspects of business.

For this 36th Episode Don Yaeger shares:

  • Leadership lessons from his latest New York Times Best Selling book - Andrew Jackson & the Miracle of New Orleans.
  • A leadership principle that has kept him focused on his business.
  • How he has learned to stay focused on one thing at a time.
  • How he writes books - his best creation time and why he doesn't suffer from "writer's block" when facing a deadline.
  • The best piece of advice he received when he planned to leave the corporate world and venture into his own business writing books and speaking.
  • His morning rituals - a typical Don Yaeger morning and how he balances a hectic life.
  • How he dealt with a really rough situation in his business.
  • Core operating principles he follows and instills in his company.
  • "The 16 Characteristics of What Makes a Great Teammate" from his NYT Best Selling Book "Teammate" and how that translates to what makes great partnerships. Including the best trait to follow for an organization going through a significant transformation
    1. Humble - Make a point to praise others, especially when you are being praised.
    2. Fully Engaged - Be present at all times. Notice all that is happening.
    3. Encouraging - Identify those co-workers who are struggling and find ways to inspire them.
    4. Respected - Allow your voice to be heard in a manner that holds people accountable.
    5. Reliable - Be consistent in your roles so your team knows what to expect of you everyday.
    6. Problem Solver - When a mistake is made, lead the team to a solution instead of placing blame.
    7. Resourceful - share your expertise with these co workers in your circle.
    8. Willing to Sacrifice - Assume whatever role necessary - never say no it's not my job.
    9. Positive - When things go wrong, highlight the upside.
    10. Communicators - If you have something constructive to add, speak-up.
    11. Relationship Builders - Beyond your department, build bridges.
    12. Honest - Transparent and well-intended for the betterment of the team.
    13. Hard Workers - Arrive early and exceed expectations.
    14. Always Ready - Volunteer for assignments no one else wants.
    15. Competitors - remind others that winning matters to you.
    16. Fun - remain approachable, reliable and friendly.

Don has written 27 books and 11 are New York Times Bestsellers and his books make great holiday gifts. You can search site here or contact Don directly and mention that you heard this podcast Don@Team180.com.

You can listen to the podcast here or on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Player FM, other Android podcast players.

As with each of my interview and articles, I appreciate your feedback. You can reach me on Linked In or on email at vincem@cloudwavepartners.net. You can also review this podcast by going to iTunes and searching "Ultimate Guide to Partnering" and clicking on the album art and hitting the ratings link. This helps others find the podcast.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Vince Menzione