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AI : Auto-scheduling and Matching

Client is looking to create a logistics platform connecting sellers and delivery couriers. They would like to automate as much of their processes as possible (appointment scheduling, matching, shipment tracking, and invoicing).
The Problem - Appointment Scheduling & Matching (Cargo Owner and Transporter)
The client would like a platform that is able to help them implement auto-scheduling to the workflow and autrouting of service requests. Need to automate tasks, processes and deciding the delivery sequence, assigning drivers and vehicles, and other factors involved.
Automate Solution - Appointment Scheduling
Does Microsoft AI have an auto-scheduling solution that can be introduced to the above workflow? So while booking a consignment, the pickup and delivery points, estimated time frame, preferred vehicle, etc. are entered in a microsoft digital sheet. Based on these parameters, bots match (cargo owners and transporters) and suggest a detailed delivery schedule.