Updated Citrix + WVD Cost Savings Calculator

Announcing the release of V2 of the Citrix + WVD calculator today here. V2 now includes several advanced input parameters in addition to quantifying the number of users, the workload type and user type. Users can now select:
  • a specific CVAD edition
  • subscription contract length
  • their current Azure customer discount percentage
  • their Citrix TTU discount percentage
  • whether or not to include Azure monitoring costs

And a customized calculation and comparison waterfall chart will be calculated and displayed instantly! The updates don't stop there - V3 launches in mid-June with the ability to add robust user personas and many additional input parameters!

Ensure that your customers who are looking at migrating their desktop ecosystems to Citrix Cloud + WVD utilize this updated calculator to help them gain awareness of the potential cost savings which are available to them.
- Andre