September update of the Windows Desktop client (MSRDC) has been released to all users

Here's What’s New in this release:

- Improved client logging, diagnostics, and error classification to help admins troubleshoot connection and feed issues.

- Fixed an issue that caused the client to prompt for credentials a second time after closing a credential prompt window while subscribing.

- Updates to Teams on Azure Virtual Desktop, including the following:

- Fixed an issue in Teams for Azure Virtual Desktop that made the video screen turn black and crash during calls in the Chrome browser.

- Reduced E2E latency and some performance issues by optimizing the GPU render path in the Window's Desktop Client. To turn on the new render path add this regkey HKEY_CURRENT_USER \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\IsSwapChainRenderingEnabled and set the value to 00000001. To turn off and revert back to the original render path set the value to 00000000 or delete the key.