AVD Quickstart public preview now available

We are happy to announce that AVD Quickstart is now available for public review!
Project Summary: Azure Virtual Desktop is a solution which is partly managed by Microsoft and partly by customers, where customers are expected to bring their own Azure Subscription and deploy Session Hosts. This comes with many layers of complexity and manual steps, resulting in a very high barrier of entry and high deployment failure rates. Additionally, uploading, managing, and replicating images (across regions) to/in Azure can be complex and time-consuming.
Through the creation of a AVD Quickstart solution, we can take much of the complexity away, accelerating AVD adoption through simplifying and automating the deployment process, making the platform more accessible to non-expert users. As a AVD-centric end-to-end solution, the AVD EB will address customer reported pain points, challenges and feature gaps, empowering IT professionals to get started with AVD in a matter of clicks.
  • Optimize to time to production to AVD deployments
  • Complete AVD deplyoment in one workday (<8 hours)
  • Reduce complexity of AVD deployment experience, making the platform more accessible by automating deployment process
  • Increase deployment success rate
For more information please visit Getting started wizard in Azure Virtual Desktop - Microsoft Tech Community and please take a moment to spread the word to colleagues, customers and partners!
Also a nice instruction video has been posted by Dan Cefola over here: