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Azure Switzerland Price Reduction


Azure prices in Swiss DCs were reduced per October 1


The price reduction is a superb opportunity and compelling event to drive Swiss DCs as a default Azure deployment region going forward. Many customers are not aware of the huge progress in the last two years with all the additional local services. Now with the price reduction, please help us encouraging your customers to use Swiss DCs for their Azure deployments. Therefore, I kindly ask for your support in approaching your customers (see "Customer Follow-ups" below).


Pricing Change Summary

  • Swiss Azure Prices are reduced to align better with European Azure prices
    • FYI: this has nothing to do with e.g. overall M365 price increase, this is based on our earlier feedbacks / pushbacks and to harmonize regional Azure pricing in Europe
    • Only Swiss Azure prices are adjusted
  • The average Switzerland North premium vs EU West used to be 19% and was now reduced to 8.5%
    • Biggest drops for higher uplifts such as Backup, Premium Files and SAP-on-Azure (depending on exact type)
  • Not all prices dropped:
    • Earlier uplifts already below approx. 10% stay as is, mainly higher uplifts were dropped
    • In some rare instances, Swiss prices were already lower than EU West: this stayed
  • Switzerland West keeps higher uplifts compared to Switzerland North – while these prices often fell as well in line with the Switzerland North adjustments


  • As pricing is a complex topic, we decided against broad sharing in public. There will be no media release and we do not pro-actively share on social media such as LinkedIn.
  • Instead, please use the price reduction in your customer conversations per below.

 Customer Follow-ups

  • Please use the price reduction as a compelling event: have a discussion with your customers to (re-) position Swiss DCs capabilities and remove potential myths  
  • Main message: Swiss DCs have tremendously progressed over two years, now with a broad range of locally available services and even local Azure price reduction. Use Swiss DCs as your default Azure deployment region. 
  • Please also inform your customers about recent Swiss DCs additions such as GPUs, Sentinel, DB Migration Service and hot-off-the-press Azure NetApp Files ANF

It would be great if you could include the main message above in any upcoming Azure workshops, prospect meetings and events.


Please use the Azure Swiss price reduction as a great opportunity and compelling event with your customers, thank you in advance for your support!