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Australia Virtual Inspire 2020

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Congratulations to our day two winners! 


1st place: @LailaLoud  - Surface headphones

2nd place: @BenNeedsCoffee Xbox One


Thank you all for participating here in our Inspire Community forum over the last two days. It was fantastic to see you all networking and having fun virtually. 


Please email us at InpsireAdminAU@microsoft.com to claim your prize. 

Level 3 Contributor

I am coming clean:   Inspire is the first 2020 worldwide virtual event in which I have fully participated -  from beginning to end.  AND my schedule was FULL., I actually joined at 4am as I could not fit in everything.


Format: A virtual Success:). I truly connected to more people and content than in Vegas.  A big plus- NO hangover or blisters!

The localised Australian Kick-off!- From the opening hero video to introducing our Australian leadership team, this session set the tone and direction for the Australian Partner Community to come together and get the biggest bang out of the entire event. This competition also helped me encouraged me connect with partners and the Microsoft team in a  meaningful way.  well played.

Relevance and Timing- we are in unprecedented times.  Each session and speaker spoke to relevant issues we are facing as a individuals, the partner community, as well as our customers and society as a whole. Understanding  Microsoft's clear goals around social impact were incredibly helpful and I am committed and aligned to these goals. The representation of diversity and Microsoft's commitment to "Society" was duly noted.

The Content - Nothing short of Superb- From the inspirational speakers, the technical sessions, to the immense resources made available to us.  Excellent. I  have already noted my favorite sessions but I was surprised at how much value I received from nontechnical sessions from Pivot to Being an Authentic Leader.

The People:  Both partners and Microsoft were truly available and willing to engage and move the discussion forward.  

We are all in this together.  "A rising tide lifts all boats" and I feel Inspire lifted ours!

This Image says it all

purpose driven digital.png


Level 4 Contributor

What a different INSPIRE this year!

Perhaps the highlight is the ability to consume more sessions than one could running across a massive conference centre ... at times, it could be suggested, hung over... just saying..


Though I'd have to say, it's hard to replace the immense value and engagement of the face to face connections. Whether it be the speed networking or the impromptu night sessions, the ratio of meaningful connections was high. That said, it's great that we have been able to interact here and there are definitely some follows to be had from this.


Perhaps the biggest highlight of this online version, is not choking and getting dizzy from the heavy cigarette smoke permeating through the AC systems!


Level 3 Contributor

Love your thoughts @evantyson


Level 5 Contributor

Reflection Time - Highlights Running Through Inspire

What an excellent community we have. That is certainly a main highlight that I've taken away from these two days is that in person or online, we are all focused on connecting and growing.

I'm passionate about sustainability, so it's very pleasing to see sustainability as a focus.

And finally, so far as running theme's go it's awesome to see how power platform is being used (both by people in this forum and at Inspire), I've been #inspired to dive into that more for myself and leverage it's capabilities better! 

...that's all, time to run (so to speak) to the next session!

Level 3 Contributor

Wouldn't this be cool.  


Office Dream Team.png

1.  "Billinda" Gates - They share the office, it's their Foundation satellite office- so you never know who might show up.  While both need no explanation as to their contribution- let's think about the side benies.  Melinda being a genius in her own right, would provide some massive water cooler value - discussions could range from how to joyfully manage a difficult partner to holistically thinking about our Social Impact Program. A lunchtime Bridge game with Bill and Warren or a ping pong tourney- are all on the cards:)

2. Kevin Carroll- besides the obvious- making the office more "innovative and purpose-driven".  I'm imagining daily games of tag to improve creativity and problem-solving.  Kevin would help us attract amazing talent.  In order to have this dream fully realised, we need  have an employee named 'BRAD", so we can all watch him be referred to as BE-RAADD.  This would never become old.

3. Bozoma Saint John- We are a Partner GTM Marketing and Communications office, so besides her big swing approach to making an impact, we will also learn from her authentic leadership style. And again, she brings her interesting friends to the office. At our office, she goes by "the BOZ".

Level 4 Contributor

@evantyson how efficient would it be though!


Level 3 Contributor

OK...how about this?  A plugin for any location-based game- but the 2020 version will allow users to choose your location during travel restrictions and to provide a benefit to that community.


Let's unlock the benefits of the virtual world and make Social Impact-to environmentally fragile locations and their communities.  Explore a new location from home, with no environmental impact, while allowing users to contribute their expertise to that community,  or contribute financiallyall aligned to your organisation's social impact efforts.  



Level 5 Contributor

@BenNeedsCoffee - that's a cracker list, Ardern is a stellar pick! Although the second list is too real 😅

Level 4 Contributor

Idealistically, I'd like to share my office with:

Chris Hadfield - an amazing speaker and motivator with a stellar career!

Jacinda Ardern - navigating through politics and adversity is a talent we could all use in the office

Janine Allis - entrepreneur and advisor would be a great asset to building and growing our business


However, perhaps a more close to home list of who we would love to be in the same room, at the same time, working together:

The prospect with the business need

Their procurement person

Their security person

..all in the same room, at the same time, talking with each other, problem solving together until the deal is signed! 😀

Level 3 Contributor

If I could share an office with three other people, who would they be? 

1. Douglas Adams

2. Michael Nesmith

3. Stephen Fry


I might not get much work done, but I'd have a great time!

Level 3 Contributor

i would like to share a office with

Robin William's, a comic genius to brighten everyones day

Richard Branson - Got to be inspired by a man that doesnt say NO

Bob Thomas - created the First virus, by misrtake


Level 3 Contributor

if i could choose where a game is set it would have to be atlantis.

a city of mystery and knowledge


Level 4 Contributor

You Got it! TAKE ME BACK! 

Level 4 Contributor

If I had to share my office with 3 other people (Going to be very squishy), I would have:


  1. My Mum 😍, as she is probably the best accountant / hardworking person I know and because I’m slightly competitive, she would inspire me to be the best In the world at any project I work on.
  2. Elon Musk, so that we could inspire each other to think up the most ridiculous ideas that could change the world for the better… and he can pay for them.
  3. Noel Erese, a Director of a NFP in the Philippines where I grew up, to keep us grounded and inspire us to remember that the world needs help, and we should collectively use our resources and time to improve the current situation of many less fortunate than ourselves around the world.
Level 5 Contributor

If I could share an office with three other people, who would they be?

1. Jacinta Ardern - Should probably avoid politics...but she is assertive, tactful, dealing with some of the most intense crises that have ever faced New Zealand, all the whilst becoming a mum in the midst of it! That is all crazy inspirational!

2. Bill Gates - Easy pick, especially given how #inspired I am right now by his legacy! But ironically, I'm picking him more so for his philanthropy work. I know I've mentioned it before, but Inside Bill's Brain on Netflix is really interesting, even my non-techy mum loved it! 

3. Ai Weiwei - An absolutely amazing artist and activist. An advocate for democracy and human rights, I had the pleasure of seeing his exhibition down in Melbourne at the NGV back in 2016. 


This was not easy, there are so many inspirational people who I would love to sit down and just chat with...probably the toughest question yet.

Level 5 Contributor

@Bryton , such a throwback! I recently moved houses and that involved packing, and unpacking all my books. As I was putting them all up on the shelf in my new place I was thinking that I should read them again! John Flanagan really knows how to write a good medieval tale!  

Level 2 Contributor

I would have to go with the Land of Araluen, from the Rangers Apprentice, which is set in medieval land, where figures known as Rangers keep the Kings peace using their trusty longbow and spy tools. One of those great Australian book series which should be brought to life.

Level 5 Contributor

@BenNeedsCoffee 10/10 would play again! 

Level 4 Contributor

My Xbox game would def be: Zombie Apocalypse Melbourne


An immersive game filled with thrills and intrigue, set in four-seasons-in-a-day Melbourne, in the wake of the COVID-20 outbreak (yes COVID-19 has mutated!).

Grappling with fight or flight decisions, you must choose between taking the Melbourne Hipster zombies head on or fleeing to Indonesia on boats.

...but the real battle lies in exposing the truth behind this unexpected COVID-20 outbreak and the undeniable suspicion that Sydney and Brisbane were behind this all along, in their desperate bid to steal away Melbourne's world-class sporting and cultural events.


Ultra immersive mixed-reality gameplay challenges are offered as optional DLC.

Hololens sold separately.


Level 5 Contributor

I would hate to be an ex-CIA agent on the brink of retirement...you know something is going to go down!


I like the incognito (or inPrivate) mode!

Level 5 Contributor

Xbox Game Design: 

The name of the game, "Cliche", I think you'll see quickly where I'm going with this...

Setting: Miami, Florida


It takes all of its cues from popular action movies. Set in Miami, Florida, this ex-CIA agent is on the brink of retirement. He comes home from his breach run to his beach front property and finds his family missing and his dog dead (it hurt just writing this). 


He finds a note, written in magazine letters detailing that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped, taken away to Europe! At some point he will inevitably get on the phone and say the classic Neeson line, "I don't know what you want...".


It's an RPG with a skill tree that includes the following: 

  • Bullet dodging
  • Hand to hand combat against far too many enemies
  • Explosion immunity
  • Sword play
  • Impossible stunt driving
  • McGuyver gadget skills
  • The ability to wear a cap and instantly be anonymous

As you can see, possibly not original, I most likely wouldn't play it, but I like the idea of a game that plays off all the cliches in certain film genres.

Level 3 Contributor

Favorite Sessions:

1.  The Australia Kick-Off and the Australian Leadership team.  Thank you for making an intimate and valuable program for us to connect with locally relevant support and with each other.  kick-off video -  hilarious!


Australia progam.png


2. Favorite Speaker- Kevin Carroll:  A gold mine of empowerment! I had the pleasure of working at Nike during his tenure and he truly walks his talk.







Level 5 Contributor

Looks like Heavenly to me! 😉

Level 4 Contributor

If I had a chance to design an Xbox Game, I would base it in Australia, starting in Brisbane, Queensland. My game would be designed as a first-person, open-world game. The main quest line would be based on the player achieving 10 major Extreme Sports Stunts to achieve the title of, “The ONE”. If you have ever seen the movie “Point Break, 2015” it would be based on this movie as a loose storyline. 🎿🏍🛩


Why? Because I love extreme sports and would love to have the opportunity to try and push myself to the limits!