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Australia Virtual Inspire 2020

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Dinner party


Blaise Pascal - inventor of the first mechanical calculator. I wonder what he would think of Power Apps (and computers, electricity, cars, planes, etc)


Ignaz Semmelweis - early pioneer of antiseptic procedures. In the 1840s Ignaz suggested doctors should wash their hands before treating patients and was mocked for the suggestion. He could teach us something about washing hands today.


Grace Hopper - the original "citizen developer". Creator of one of the first coding languages and known as the Queen of Software and Grandma COBOL. I wonder what she would think of low-code development.


Christopher Cockerell - inventor of the hovercraft. He needs to explain why I still don't have a Hoverboard!!

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Nothing special today!

Nothing special just my favourite soccer team! Go Juve! 😄

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Today's Inspire dress attire is last year's Inspire Aussie attendee uniform (complete with Clippy tshirt!)...!!




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my morning meme Angela!  my Halo gangham style gig to kick off the Partner social sessions




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Dress code. Coffee, Logged in, walked dogs....waiting for the sessions to start this morning! 



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My current inspire dress attire down in chilly Melbourne! 

Me with tea #3 watching Gavriella 😊

Me with tea.jpg

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Outstanding AI delivering action hero capability. The Turing test benchmark for digital action heros! Smashing the emotional / contextual interpretation of data challenge!




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 not showing bottom half attire. Guess 




4. trackies

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Inspire 2018 Jackets are AWESOME!Inspire 2018 Jackets are AWESOME!

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Definitely the DeLorean...and not for the obvious Flux Capacitor technology. But for the "Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor" that powered the flux capacitor (replacing the need for plutonium by using household rubbish - how energy efficient is that!!)

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COMPETITION: Daily Pursuit #1

We’ll be running through Inspire with our Daily Pursuit challenge, where you’ll be sharing your activities with us on the Virtual Inspire Community.

Below is a checklist of items that you will have to achieve throughout today’s sessions to go in the running to win:


1st place: Surface headphones

2nd place: Xbox One


You will be judged on creativity, the kudos received, and the time you have completed each activity.

Below is your checklist of activities you will need to complete at the given time slots. Make sure you post your responses in the competition thread.


T&Cs apply. Please refer to here