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(On-Demand recordings available) Get the most out of your Go-To-Market with Microsoft Resource and Offers through Solution Workspace

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This event is for Microsoft Partners that are members of the Microsoft Partner Network. If you are not already signed in, please sign in with your Partner Center credentials before you click the link above.

Be sure to subscribe to the Go-To-Market with Microsoft Partner Community forum for ongoing connections with the Go-To-Market team.


Event Description 


Solution Workspace provides you with a single, personalized digital experience to streamline your solution’s development from an initial idea to a successful in-market solution. Now, Partners have a new and improved experience for fulfilling their Go-To-Market offers and Marketplace Rewards within Solution Workspace.  

In this AMA session, you’ll learn how to use this tool to collaborate with the Go-To-Market team to kick-off, work through, and launch your full range of marketing benefits and Marketplace Rewards. The Go-To-Market with Microsoft team will be available to help answer your questions live.  

Join us and learn more about how Solution Workspace gets you started on co-marketing with Microsoft, building your brand, generating leads, and driving demand for your business.   


Featured Speaker 


Jordan Helling, Global Operations Lead, Go-To-Market with Microsoft, One Commercial Partner 


Jordan Helling, joined Microsoft in 2013 leading event strategy for Microsoft Windows commercial and gaming events from there she moved into a variety of digital marketing roles within the Enterprise Partner Group and Cloud + Enterprise Integrated Marketing. Today, Jordan leads global operations for the Go-To-Market with Microsoft Desk the team of Marketing Specialists that support partners with the completion of their Go-To-Market offers included with their partnership with Microsoft. The desk has 6 delivery centers across the globe, supporting 10 languages; enabling partners to grow their cloud business through marketing services and technology. 





Monthly Go-To-Market with Microsoft webinar series 

This session is part of a monthly webinar series featuring the Go-To-Market subject matter experts sharing the resources, offers, and programs available to support you in achieving your marketing goals, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions on the 45-minute Teams call. Reply here and let us know what you would like to learn more about, this will help us build the upcoming webinar calendar. 

Look forward to seeing you virtually in January

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